A Day to Appreciate Bloggers

Appreciating Bloggers Around The World

Okay so it’s not officiallyBlogger Appreciation Day“. But doesn’t it sound great ?

Today sending love to all of you (graphic interpretation above). I appreciate the words your write, the thoughts you share, the places you visit, your posts about loved ones and pets.

The photographs you take, the beauty of your poetry, the cleverness of your stories, the things you reveal, your pure creativity, your love,

your words and your inner beauty – all expressed so well!

Everything about you and what you blog! I love it!


One more thing. My family and I have a very large map of the world. We will (slowly) be adding each bloggers name (geographically located) that we ‘know’ onto the WW – bloggers map. The map is on the wall in our home(not virtual – the real deal), so when we blog with each of you we can glance at the wall and see how close to each other we really are.

Anyone who would care to identify their specific geographic location for me (I know where many of you are in general) that would be wonderful, I would love to add your name to our bloggers map!

Thanks for stopping by, have a great blogging day today! Love to you all, my friends ~ Penny

Copyright © 2012 by Penny l Howe

60 thoughts on “A Day to Appreciate Bloggers

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  2. Happy Blogger Appreciation Day to you too! I always like my daily uplifting on WordPress and of course your wonderful blog and your many eclectic posts. I live in Mansfield, England. Just north of Nottingham in good old Robin Hood country.

      • Yay, I love to be involved with all things cartographical. Robin may as well be real, with all the things devoted to him, including the train line which I shall be traversing once I feel less worse than I do now. That’ll take me to Nottingham where the rich will rob me of money for books. I never learn.

    • Thank you Elizabeth, I’ve noted it and you’re on our map! This is so fun, thanks for sharing your location, sending warm thoughts your way this day, enjoy your week! Penny 🙂

  3. Once again, you make everyone realise how important it is to remember that all us bloggers are part of a community. Wonderful idea! Simply love it!

    I live in Delhi, India 🙂

  4. I love your idea! I would be honoured to be there on your map, Sally from Redruth, Cornwall, UK! I love seeing the stats of the countries where my blog has been read but to have a real, paper map on which you write the names of your blogging friends – that’s beautiful! 🙂

  5. Such a lovely post– well I just finished responding on my ‘savasana’ post about how much i appreciate YOU Penny! … goes with out saying this is one amazing group of people we have encountered here in the blogsphere! So blessed — For my map — it’s the Eastern End of Long Island, NY ~ So excited about your map — you will need to take a photo and post once you have it all labeled!! Thank you dearest friend – and have a wonderful Sunday evening xxoo R

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