Creative thinking – The Box Outside

Do you think outside of the box? Or maybe the box is upside down and you’re under it (lol). Creative thinking means really changing you perspective in ways you’ve never thought before.

I remember in Marketing 101 (basics) the black box model. Professionally speaking this term is used to analyze the buyer’s buying motivation. It’s called the ‘black box’ because no one is ever sure how the mind works – ergo you can’t see inside so it’s black.

The ‘black box’ model sets up possible scenerios to help you “guess” better (my interpretation on this). I thought it was dumb. It seemed they were taking something simple and complicating the crap out of it. Again just my thoughts.

I suggested that it might be easier to simple ask the customers what they wanted. I did not get an “A” in that class. An interest side note however is that years later when I was conducting independent workshops about marketing basics to young entrepreneurs, half my class was filled with people with degree’s in Marketing. Apparently they didn’t get it either (lol).

I don’t have a box! Never did! Creative people don’t do well with restrictions to creative thinking.

“Like most creative people I don’t fit well into boxes” – Laurell K. Hamilton

“Some of the most wonderful people are the ones who don’t fit into boxes” Tori Amos

“Hollywood likes to put actors in boxes, and it likes to put Asian actors in really small boxes” Sandra Oh

Do something really different today, If you don’t want to get rid of the thinking box (comfort zone) completely, at least move it outside. Then go for it, as in big time…some huge creative stuff!

“If I did have boxes to think outside of … they would be creative ones” Penny L Howe

Thanks for stopping by, Enjoy your day and be creative ~ Penny

Copyright © 2012 by Penny l Howe

29 thoughts on “Creative thinking – The Box Outside

  1. I was always expected to think outside the box while in the business world but somewhere along the way, after I retired, I put myself back into a box. I’m now kicking down the sides, ready to step out! Not quite sure yet where I’m headed but that will be part of the fun. 😀

    • It is funny how we can accidently do that to ourselves. I think it ‘s all in a manner of how we view who we are as to how we’re going to be or respond. Kicking down the sides…a good thing (omg – I sound like martha don’t I – lol) 🙂

    • Oh Rosy, of course you do! Your a delight! there’s always a smile on my face when you’re around, this blog, your blog or someone else’s. You always make me smile with pleasure. And more hugs and smiles on top of that! Just too cool my friend, Penny 🙂 xx

  2. Society in general loves putting people into boxes. I’m often asked what genre I write and I say I don’t write any particular genre and this tends to frustrate people (particularly radio announcers and journalists for some reason!) The only boxes I like are those wrapped in Christmas paper 😀

  3. So funny you did this “outside the box” post today… my words to another friend last night was “I hope this surgeon I’m seeing tomorrow can ‘think outside the box some’ “ …..:) Now this post!! Wonderful synchronicity dear Penny — yes – better to avoid the boxes at all costs !! Sending Love and Light to you …. Robyn

    • Seems to happen with you and I, Robyn. Did you know that in Chinese mysticism, they believe that some people are connected to one another by an invisible thread (their analogy not mine) and that the thread cannot be broken but just seems to gain strength thru usage, just like the connecting synapes in our brain strengthens our neural pathways – when used a great deal – becoming stronger (like habits or routines we do automatically). Anyway I thought it fascinating. Besides, you’re like me, you don’t have a box either (well maybe a creative one! lol) Love and Hugs, hoping all is going well in your venture today, Penny xox

  4. I used to think only in boxes. As far as I was concerned, my blog was for me to say hi a few times a year. Then the lid came off of the box and photography popped it’s head out.

    Then something wonderful happened … Stepping outside of that comforting box, that soothing, safe, confined box, and there was poetry.

    You are right, Penny. Thinking outside of the box can change everything. I don’t think I could go back into that box, it’s too small.

  5. No one, not even AnElephant, is born in a box.
    People, like ideas, are put into boxes only by those who are afraid of creativity and originality.
    Sadly, a large percentage of the population is intimidated by anything different, anything outwith their preconceptions.
    Laziness and fear make it easier for them to categorise broadly, removing the need to really think.

    You do make us ponder life in all of its wonders, dear Penny.
    Thank you.

  6. I used to like hiding in cardboard boxes, when younger I hasten to add. I’m intrigued to know who thought we were in boxes anyway, If there were no mention of boxes wouldn’t the ideas come anyway? It is strange that we put ‘necessary’ constraints on things in order to inspire our imaginations when, if people just read your posts they would be encouraged to be more effective in their ideas and musings anyway.

    • Here’s something interesting about that saying. (it is rumored) During Walt Disney’s (the person not the icon) most creative time (that sounds dumb … when wasn’t he creative lol), he put together a creative “think tank” and they brought up a format that would help more of his incredibly talented artists feel “freer to be creative”. It is said that the “thinking out of the box” phrase originated from him. Which if it is true would really make sense when you think about what he accomplished in his life time and how many many millions of people he has brought pleasure to! Thanks for the compliment btw, 🙂 Penny (sniff) hope the cold goes away soonest!

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