For all the Women of the World


This was written for all women of the world and where I see the future and their role. The title is “She and They”. I think most women everywhere will recognize the meaning of this.

What is interesting – I wrote this piece 22 years ago, about the future. Interesting huh!


SHE seemed to stand apart from the others in the room, an essence of wisdom radiating from her being.

THEY knew she was strong and feared for their own – futures. Futures, laid out in neat little orderly patterns and packages so many years ago – patterns of steps, packages of goals, always in line, always the same.

THEY had structured their lives so they fit the system, the sadly eroding system which they had caused but were just beginning to notice … so intent upon steps towards goals, steps toward goals …

THEY had felt secure in all this sameness … until SHE came. SHE who had never followed sameness, or structure, no not HER.

THEY knew of her; a maverick, an independent, separate from, different, unique.

SHE was in her element, secure in her beliefs.

HER supporters and followers (many) gathering about her; shoring up her vast internal strength, wiping out the last small remnant of lingering doubt and … Fear?

Ah yes, FEAR.

Years, upon years, upon years – stumbles, slips and falls. Always, seeming to slide backwards, further and further, a plethora of never ending blind alleys, wrong turns, and failures.

SHE knows of Fear, its moods and personality.

Cause and Effect – she’s lived it and learned it, paying her price again and again through a loss of harmony, always seemingly out of step.

Now, with the coming of CHANGE

SHE blends as one; in tune, in time, not a step out of beat. Effortlessly she knows which way to turn, how to proceed.

THEY can only stand frozen huddled around themselves wondering and worrying about their futures.

And SHE, a survivor to her past, stands poised on the brink of tomorrow, a mantle of rightness and harmony settling about her. Her future and THE future – finally one and the same.

Penny L Howe, December, 1990

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Do I have strong feelings on this subject? Yes, yes I do. Today more women are educated, reaching out and making a difference for themselves and their families. And they are more aware than ever, not only of the plight of their sisters in some of the countries around the world, but of the planet itself. And they are doing something about it! So do I mean the words I wrote 22 years ago? Absolutely. Is it coming true? Absolutely. Are women amazing? Absolutely!

Thank you for stopping by my friends, bless you all!

Copyright © 2012 by Penny l Howe

36 thoughts on “For all the Women of the World

  1. 22 years ago?? You were way ahead of us. Great post, Penny!
    I think, now these days, women have wider networks with other women than ever before, that probably have helped women, young and old, grow stronger.

    • I agree, no doubt about it Amy, I saw it happening then, in little bits here and there, I am not surprised, I think we (women) are our own greatest asset, for ourselves, our loved ones and each other, pat yourself on the back! You’ve earning it my friend! 🙂

    • It is a truth Lisa, many women grow as the result of fear and adversity, creating an inner strength and wisdom at the same time, I think! thank you, sending warm wishes your way, Penny xx

  2. Lovely Penny — truly. She and they — clearly the plight of women everywhere. This was beautifully done — and still so relevant and current today— Last line, “And SHE, a survivor to her past, stands poised on the brink of tomorrow, a mantle of rightness and harmony settling about her. Her future and THE future – finally one and the same” amazing… Finally one ~ yes… Love u dear friend xxoo Robyn — ps: on topic of womanhood — you might like this poem if you have not read…. I did not write it but resonated:

    • Hi Robyn, thank you for your lovely words. I went there and read the poem. You are correct. It does resonate…in a very personal yet beautiful and wonderful way! Thank you, oh btw, you posted that on my birthday, interesting huh! love you, we do connect don’t we…with all my heart to you ~ Penny xox

      • Oh wow..Happy Birthday Dear Penny ~ I hope it was a wonderful one – and so glad you enjoyed this poem on your special day too! Yes – so do connect ~~ Sending big Birthday Hugs to you my loving friend ~ RL

  3. Having been in a workforce surrounded by men, many times being the only female in the room, I can totally relate. It is so beautiful to see women awakening to their inner beauty and strength. Great piece Penny! 🙂

    • I have a soft spoken voice, and I’m blond and I’m young looking so it took some doing but yes, I did reach a point where the professional business men were very respectful and interested in what I had to say in the business world! It was during that time period when other women were asking “how I did that” that I wrote this. I knew it was happening then, women wanting to be recognized as individuals (with complete personalities and capabilities not just viewed as “female’ with all the various mis-associations and reference points of that time). Thanks LuAnn. 🙂

  4. What a brilliant piece. Hard to believe you wrote this 22 years ago. Your skill of penmanship (penwomanship – penpersonship – penship) has not ebbed or waned at all.

    I think that everything you have said in this has come to pass. Women are bread winners now. Women have top jobs now. Women even have the chance of going for presidency now.

    Thank you Penny

  5. Speaking as one of ‘They’, assuming that includes Elephants, could not agree more.
    50% of the population has had its talent and its brains underused, under-appreciated and just plain ignored for far too long.
    Are you amazing? Absolutely!
    If you need a large grey helper, AnElephant hereby volunteers.

  6. 22 years? Wow. Unfortunately, some people are still stuck in their thinking and, today, I’m going to start fighting for my rights and prove to one of them that being a mother, housewife and loyal supporter was every bit as important as being the breadwinner.Then, I’m going to prove that I’m every bit as capable of making bread. xx

    • Make it so. We make the future you know. Children watch us, what we do, how we do it, what we believe in, we are the future makers…and the breadmakers too. Everything a person does to brighten the day, to pass on, instruct, encourage, enrich, the many things that women instinctively do each day is of great value. Money is only a rate of exchange. It is the people doing things for people that make the bloody difference. People like you that care, and love and are there when needed. xx

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