A Mirror to your Dreams


As you view each passing day

look at what you see,

A Mirror to your dreams


Reflected Reality!

~ ~ ~~ ~


Life isn’t easy. It never was. And I don’t expect it to be so any time in the near future. There is so much change needed to improve the lives of so many that it seems like an impossibility. But curiosity has always driven me. My curiosity and love of life compels me. And so I pursue my dreams.


Frequently asked “Do you always see the bright side of things?” my answer is always “No”! I see the right side of things. I don’t dwell on the wrong – not the wrong that has been done to me and mine or to others across this planet (home to us all), but what can be done to right those wrongs. so my view is the right side not the bright side of things! Making any positive difference that each of us can make each day. Not “saving the world” kind of stuff, just small gestures that add up when multiplied by the many.


I write about making choices because I see too many sitting on the fence making no choice at all. I make mistakes with some of my choices, but I still make them and I write about inspiration because I wish to inspire those whom I believe have the power to assist in change. If you care and I know you do then this is personal. Our world, our lives, everything happening everywhere is affecting each of us.

I am motivated to write the way I write to encourage, enable and inspire any who pass my way. And they in turn may do the same. Each person inspired creates a potential for positive change and growth and that is important to me.

So if I get your attention through beautiful photographs, clever graphics, well worded sentences, any or all of the above then perhaps you’ll pay attention to the message that is always in there somewhere.

My dreams encompass all mankind. My dreams are for a future of peace and love for all and because each of you are “Mirrors to my Dreams” … I find I care about you very much!

You – A Mirror To My Dreams




Penny L. Howe

Copyright © 2012 by Penny l Howe

35 thoughts on “A Mirror to your Dreams

  1. “pursue my dreams” while believe life isn’t easy and know it never was take a lot of inner strengths and insights. That is inspiring. Thank you, Penny!

  2. I like your line “I see the right side not the bright side of things”. You dear friend have inspired so many and have been the catalyst for me to step outside my comfort zone. A higher power put you into our path for a reason and we are all so blessed! 🙂

    • Thank you LuAnn, there have been times in my life (hard ones) where my creativity kept me going and there have been times when I bottled everything up tightly because life was just too hard to believe it was happening (the last 5 years of my life) Up until June of this year. To be able to fully create and inspire is to me a blessing in and of itself, like you I finally get to let “all of me” out! I hope everyone is ready for me! lol, thank you so very much for your loving words they make me happy. Penny 🙂

    • thanks Rosy, I love when you stop by I always feel like you’re a neighbor who just stopped by for awhile to visit! Thank you again, I know you’re a lot busier now, so I appreciate your time, warm wishes hugs and smiles your way, and an especially thanks for yours, Penny xx 🙂

  3. And what a beautiful mirror you have shared with us today. Yes – the small things — I have found it’s those that make the biggest impact…and yes MULTIPLY in amazing ways. You are doing so much just by sharing these lessons with all of us Penny… can feel the love as I am sure everyone here can… sending it right back to you too… let us keep dreaming together! ~ much love dearest friend, R

    • Yes, very tough, I do not speak lightly Shihab.
      I have faced pain, death, betrayal and sorrow in my life so I know this to be true. But as long as there is breath inside me I will strive to make that difference because that is what life is all about. Especially on those very hard days! Sleep well tonight my friend, tomorrow is also a new day! Penny 🙂

  4. “My view is the right side of things not the bright side.”……I love that view of life. It is so insightful and made me view things differently.

    Hopefully everyone will take your words to heart and do just the small things if needed to make this world a better place.

    Thank you for this post.

  5. I usually sit on the fence and watch the world pass by and just ignore everything. Not wanting to get involved. My thoughts were “I’m 45, I’m getting old now time to act it”

    Something happened to me recently though that turned everything on it’s head. It was something I didn’t see coming. When it hit me, I had to make the choice: slam the door in it’s face and carry on as I had been, or lower my defences slightly and see what happens.

    I chose to lower my defences, and as a result the world, for me, has become smaller and I see everything in a new light. It was THE best decision I have made in years.

    You have had a part to play in that Penny, so I thank you. Sending love to you and your family

  6. thank you for saying what I feel! lol you are an inspiration to each of us Penny. you may be only one person doing one thing but oh what you write is inspirational and it touches many, keep up the good words and may the inspiration given to others boomerang back to you. God bless my dear friend!

  7. You may be surprised, dear Penny, to learn that some of us feel the same way about you.
    And wish you well in the pursuit of your dreams.

    But, speaking as one who has not only seen, but also lived The Life of Brian, please keep the closing song in mind!

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