Equal time for an Awww moment!

A few people said I should give equal time to cute puppies re: an ‘Awww moment’ (see kitty ‘awww moment’ from the other day). So here you go, although this isn’t so much an … ‘awww moment’ as it is an ‘okay that’s really kind of different with maybe an Awww also moment’.

I now present for your entertainment and enjoyment:


Thank You,


21 thoughts on “Equal time for an Awww moment!

  1. Free Tag Zone – Inventaire de l'éphémère … freetagzone.wordpress.com/ - Translate this page il y a 2 jours – Pour redonner à l'art éphémère toutes ses lettres de noblesse …” (by Free Tag Zone)era

    … in that case Penny I want to send you a wrinkle peach face that can illustrate the passage of time and it will be an ” AWW-HOW-FUNNY” kind of moment. But how do I send it to you ?

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