Once Upon A Time – A Sea Creature/My Art

This one’s for you, Robyn!

In September I posted A Pigment of My Imagination . At the end of the post was a graphic (the one above). I asked viewers to tell me what it might be a picture of. One of my favorite people (who inspires with every photograph she takes and every word she writes) answered:

Robyn Lee  “Ok – in the picture, I see a mystical but loving sea creature emerging from the depths of an enchanted lake — after sunset… doing his magic for the good of all of mankind.”

Since then I had been thinking about what a “loving”  sea creature would look like, I thought of Robyn’s personality, one that embodies “loving” to me. Yesterday I saw a photo of a bronze rendering of a dragon and I knew I’d found her. Last night I drew this dragon on my notepad. A beautiful (I hope) female sea creature emerging!

But she (the sea creature) needs a name and a short story to go with my picture. So help! I need my creative friends to provide a “name” for her and “a story”. Remember Robyn’s comments “doing magic for the good of all mankind!”. I dedicate this dragon (and hopefully) the stories you come up with to Robyn who bravely fights a battle of her own every day with great dignity and grace (a magic of it’s own, I think). If you follow her you know what I mean, if you don’t then you should http://throughthehealinglens.com/, Thank you,

An update ~ Please go and see the beautiful story that Len has written for Robyn: Thank you, http://myownheart.me/2012/10/04/alnilam-the-water-dragon/#comment-3525, It is a wonderful story everyone!


Copyright © 2012 by Penny l Howe

60 thoughts on “Once Upon A Time – A Sea Creature/My Art

  1. As a fellow lover of dragons who has written a happy sequel to Puff and the occasional poem about Felix, a young dragon, may your friendly Elephant suggest Felicia, on the basis that anyone so loving deserves to be happy?
    And your talent never fails to astound.

  2. I see Blossom, the dragon who lifts the spirit of the hurting and downcast helping them blossom through humility and strength. who’d call a Dragon Blossom? Me 🙂

    gorgeous drawing!

  3. How wonderful!! It shows what a great person you are Penny, to do this for Robyn 😀 Your drawing of it is out of this world. As is your rendition of the “Mandlebrot” image. Your artistry with the pencil is as good as your artistry with the word.

    I don’t want to say “Puff the Magic Dragon” which I look at as about a town near me. 😉

    Goldheart is a name that comes to mind for me, but it is too simple (maybe it’s “human” name)

    I’m torn between Auriella and Ryeal.

  4. Wow, Penny, what a lovely gesture! And I’m truly and sincerely extremely impressed by your artistic talents! I didn’t know the artwork was yours! I’m sure you must have mentioned it, but you know I often read your blog after midnight when my faculties are not what they should be!

    • Thanks Richard. Robyn is a very wonderful person. I was very happy to do this. I’ve drawn since I could hold a pencil in my hand. When exactly are your faculties what they should be? lol Just kidding. It is interesting trying to remember everyone else’s time frame in www of blogland. 🙂

    • Oh bulldog – i have to say — did some research on this Goddess “Tanit” – various cultures have slightly different images of her… all wonderful archetypes for me to identify with, many warriors … some even called her a sea-dragon!!! Here was one summary…. and thank you dearest friend for giving me this gift of such a lovely goddess to envision as I navigate through the waves:

      ” Tanit is the Phoenician myth name of a goddess of love, the moon and the stars, possibly meaning “serpent lady. In Egyptian her name means ‘land of Neith.’”
      xo much love ~ R

  5. What a fabulous surprise Penny! This is so exciting. Your illustration of the loving bronzed dragon is exquisite. How do I get a copy of this artistic masterpiece?? Will hang her on my wall and treasure. And for a dragon, she does look awfully demure and kind. You are brilliant – and I can’t thank you enough for honoring me with this special project. Can’t wait to hear the story that matches your art. I’d better watch what I say in my comments from here on 🙂 So very touched by your generous loving spirit dear friend — Blessed to know you ~Robyn

    • Ever since you commented that day it stuck in my head, how do you make a sea creature look, well not threatening (in the classic sense) and Robyn dedicating it to you was the absolutely a “moral imperative” (I love that phrase lol). We’ve connected on-line, I know this but you are something very special (I do know of pain, years of it and the struggles – so I know how hard any given day can be for you) and I guess I wanted you and everyone who reads this and reblogs this “hint hint” can know this also ~ with most special love to you and your family from Myself and my family, Penny ♥

      • Penny… just speechless that you have held me as such a beautiful object of your creative attention in creating this image. I must also share something else with you… kind of uncanny…. but since I did my last post (Will You) and featured the prose poetry (The Invitation) by Oriah… I revisited her book that she wrote many years ago– and just tonight – came upon a part in her book where she envisions herself as a riding a (you are not going to believe this…) DRAGON. and then she says “I am the dragon…. I am the heat and the searing” … It is in chapter 6. She is confronting fear. This is just another amazing synchronicity between us my friend. Thank you with all my heart ~ xxoo R

        • It is wonderful to hear this Robyn. When “this thing” is there it really is there (you’ll get that statement probably noone else though). Just so you know, I would never send you the sketch on a notepad. I plan to redo our dragon and will she is done will mail to you. My gift of course my friend, always, Penny xox

  6. Reblogged this on THROUGH THE HEALING LENS and commented:
    In awe, and so very touched ~ Penny has created a post and a challenge inspired by a simple comment I made on one of her wonderful blog posts ~pigment-of-my-imagination. Penny you rock! Enjoy – and Lots of love to all! Robyn Lee

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