Being Perfect!

Nature’s Perfection

Nature gets it right, We don’t.

So an explanation. What is perfection? A descriptive word that means “without flaws or faults, complete” – used for purposes of comparison.

In our mind’s eye, where the undesirable would be found on one end of the spectrum, perfection the other end.


Perfection (the word) should not ever be used as a comparison of positive and negative (right and wrong) as it relates to human attributes, where some can be viewed as more worthy than others.


When the word “perfection” becomes a fixated emotion implying the state of our being we are going to run into problems.


Today we need all the empowering we can get in our lives. Use the word “perfection” towards that which aids us to feel better about who and how we are, think and feel. And how we strive to improve for the benefit of all.

“Perfection is not a social condition for acceptance and worthiness but rather just a word on one end of a spectrum of possibilities.” Penny L Howe

When we understand that all of us, has flaws, faults and shortcomings, that each of us is a unique and special individual in and of ourselves, then indeed this would be “perfection” for the human condition in life!


And a very happy one!


“On this planet, every single human being is the most important one there is. It is the sum of all of us that will ultimately make us who ‘we’ are meant to be!” Penny L Howe

Thank you for your visit. Have a joyous day today my friends,


Copyright © 2012 by Penny l Howe

34 thoughts on “Being Perfect!

  1. Perfection is only seen through the eyes of those who do not accept the truths of reality. What may appear ‘perfect’ to one can be torn apart by another revealing the innermost or minutest flaw. Even nature in all of its perfection and glory cannot withstand the destructive nature of man!

  2. Perfect is not something I look for as it is not as appealing as imperfect. Even your perfect rose has a tiny bit of rust on it. Those who need perfection must go through life being disappointed whereas I can fix perfect just by messing it up 😀 – One thing that I do need to be perfect though is the settings of a pave of diamonds (drives me to the edge to see crooked diamonds) – a bit shallow? … Perfect! lol

  3. Great thought Penny. Your words always applies to the real world and people living there. I too believe perfection is there in the viewers eyes. It’s not possible to achieve perfection. We may try to get as close as possible. But to be there and term as perfect is impossible for any human being.

  4. Perfection… is an interesting concept… an unattainable goal… I don’t think I ever truly think in terms of perfection, but rather in terms of the best scenario and outcome given the circumstances present at that time…

    • Thank you Bob for visiting me, I hope you have been well also. Thank you for your compliment, coming from you it is very apprciated. Penny

    • So true Rosy, the most perfect person I will soon write about was born with spinal bifida and hydrocephalus (swelling of the brain) she should not have lived past 14 or 15 but she lived to be 56, her nature was like being with an angel – to me she was perfect in every way gentle and loving to all. I do agree with you my friend! 🙂 xx

  5. You know.. I never thought about the word perfect this way … I actually use this word a lot – but I most often use it to embrace “what is” at any given moment (excluding my medical woes of course)… so I sort of like to use to make peace with the current state of affairs… So, If my daughter gets a B on a test instead of an A – for example I will say “That’s just PERFECT… you did your best – and you can’t beat that”. So guess I’m ok with my use of the word. There is no truly perfect anything in this life… I love your quote on this topic Penny ~ Much love dear friend xo

    • The word perfect is a wonderful descriptive word when used positively so I think you’re right on in how you use it. When I look at society today I have a problem when it’s used in a manner that makes people feel inferior or less than because they feel they don’t fit societies view of same. I think you are perfectly wonderful, however and I stand behind these words! And besides them and in front of them if you can still see them, lol, Sleep well tonight my friend, Penny xox

  6. That’s a great observation Alastair re: the color. I thought of it as ‘perfect’ because of the natural symmetry (you know – a physics thing lol) Thank you very much, Penny 🙂

  7. I sat for a while thinking about when I had said something is/was just perfect. It seemed to be times when friends came
    for dinner or we were invited out. The meal was planned with the guests in mind. The conversation was pleasant and there was much laughter. Oh the casserole may have been over done and the rolls cold. And maybe we were a bit gossipy. But when the evening was over….everyone agreed being with friends was what made it perfect.

  8. Hhhm, I think the only thing that is perfect is the word. Except for that feeling you get when you are with your bestest friends having a proper good time. Overall I think we are all perfectly imperfect. nature has a lot to answer for, showing us all up.

    • Yeah, darn that ‘ol nature anyway. I agree with you though Ste J. The great feeling you get when you are with those you really care about and enjoying yourself. A perfect feeling absolutely!

    • Thank you Tahani for the lovely compliment. To me how I feel is a very serious truth. I would love it to become a universal truth! That would be wonderful for all of us! Sending warm and loving thoughts your way, Penny

  9. Perfect ! I think the only thing that is Perfect is Love and It’s vibration ……….
    but on a personal level –
    what i find beautiful/ perfect – is what i focus on …..
    we love what we love
    just because …..:)
    Great post Penny x

  10. I think we can say that we are all perfect in our imperfections. I’m perfect (which in itself says imperfect) perfect goof ball 😉

    I don’t think that there is anything on this planet that is truly perfect. We see people – the ones we love as being perfect, because they are perfect to us. But it is the case of what is good for one is not good for another.

    Your perfect flower – which I must say is absolutely gorgeous – by some may be classed as imperfect as it is the wrong colour for them.

    Another great post Penny, thank you 🙂

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