I Believe in “We the People”

Okay one more time here!

A little over a week ago I wrote about how I felt about being an American and the importance of voting, The American Coin of Freedom . But I left something out, the most important thing, so I’m correcting that omission with this post.

Our country was founded on the principles and beliefs that each person should have the right to live their lives in a responsible but free way. It was so important that the Preamble to the United States Constitution (one of the most important documents for freedom on the planet) begins with these three words…

We The People…

I believe in those three words: “We the people“. I believe in WE with all my heart and soul – gut wrenchingly so!

I believe that “We” are the legacy of freedom’s yesterdays and the dreams and hopes of tomorrow’s successes, not just for this country but for the whole planet!

I believe that “We” are the watchers of our countries caretakers. It is our job, our responsibility as “We” the people to keep an eye on those whom we freely elect to help run our great country.

I believe there is a whole world out there (our brothers and sisters – also our legacy from the past) ‘watching’ “WE the people” – being inspired by what we do right and disappointed, sometimes hurt and angry by what we do wrong, but still looking to us with hope and promise.

They wait to see how “We” will be today. What decisions “We” the people will make and how “They” will be influenced by our decisions.


I believe in “We the people” because “We” choose freedom and are strong and loving when called upon to be so.

I believe in “We the people” because I know when our collective voice needs to be heard … it is heard around the world.

And so I will say simply what I forgot to say a week ago.

I believe in WE “the people” of this – our great nation!

Every single one of us. This means each of you. Every single one, no exceptions…I believe in you, my American sisters and brothers.

And I have a strong enough faith to know WE will continue on…perhaps stumbling along the way but still …being free, being strong and being Americans…this I believe with all my heart!

Thank you!

Please vote!

If you choose to reblog this I will be very honored!

Copyright © 2012 by Penny l Howe

25 thoughts on “I Believe in “We the People”

  1. I’ll tell you a funny story, well it’s really not that funny.
    I’m an American and PROUD of it, but I left America over twenty years ago to live in Norway (thats another story). I do not vote. I get bogged down and can’t seem to follow everything going on in two countries. I don’t think its fair to vote, just because it’s your right, if you’re not following the facts.
    With that said… I have a nineteen year old son who was born and raised in Norway (well, we lived in Houston for two years, another story). He automatically became an American citizen at birth, because I was. He has two passports (Norwegian and American)
    He IS voting in the American election. He follows EVERY fact from afar and traveled all the way to the US Embassy in Oslo just to register for his absentee ballot.
    It AMAZES me how much he cares for a country he wasn’t (really) born in and only lived in for two years (when he was 12-13)

    I guess I did something right.

    • Okay Maggie, there you go making me cry again my friend (cry for happy of course). Yes I’m guessing you did many wonderful things right with your wonderful children who are who and the way they are because of you. None of us gets things right ann the time, but we keep trying to and that is what your children saw in you every single day they were growing up. They saw your strength, what was the right and wrong way of doing things and they lived with a mom who believed in unconditional love and I can say that very confidently because it is as obvious as can be! I am very proud to have you as a friend! Penny

  2. I went back and read “The American Coin of Freedom” with which I wholeheartedly agree. I have signed up to follow your blog via email.

    From what I’ve seen so far, you write your blog, poetry and draw. Multi-talented lady. I will enjoy keeping up with your thoughts.

    If you feel so inclined, come over and check out my blog: http://travelbug-susan.blogspot.com


    • Thank you very much Sharla, I am most appreciate. This is very dear to me. Our country and our people! Again my most sincere thanks, Penny xx

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