National Breast Cancer Awareness!

Be Aware, Care and Support!

October, 2012 – National Breast Cancer Awareness Month.

Right now across the country of USA, individuals and groups (private business, nonprofit organizations, government agencies and other) have joined in activities to increase awareness of what we can do to help prevent breast cancer!


Be Aware!


Support …

The Supporters!

Thank you for caring,

~ Penny  

Copyright © 2012 by Penny l Howe

8 thoughts on “National Breast Cancer Awareness!

  1. Thank you dear Penny ~ awareness saved my life here… no lump as was within the duct. Very important for young women to know this… there is a new party line that mammos will not detect well in young women due to dense tissue, and this is true – but it will detect Ductal Carcinoma which does not even present with lump or mass… so I try to spread that word as much as possible. I was 37. xxoo Love to you for sharing this message dearest friend ~xR

  2. People forget sometimes, it’s not just women who can contract Breast Cancer. I have heard of men who have done.

    Breast Cancer can strike at any age, and any size person. One of my favourite singers had it and she is only a year younger than me.

    If you have a partner, why not let them check to see if they can find a lump or anything. If you don’t though, doesn’t mean you shouldn’t check though. Stop it before it is too late

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