Perspective – the view from your eyes

Experiencing Life

The simple truth is that your life experiences change your perspective on how you look at things.

Sometimes drastically! Your choice to learn, gain wisdom and move on or be caught up in the past with memories of unfortunate happenings that will prevent you from going forward.

The Secret of Life – Living it!



Thank you for stopping by, have a great weekend, Penny

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61 thoughts on “Perspective – the view from your eyes

    • Thank you Rosy. I agree! 🙂 Yes I am having a wonderful weekend, I hope you also are having one, as you should of course, Thanks, as always, for the extra smiles and hugs, still adding to my collection friend of mine, 🙂 xox

  1. I like that “The Secret to Life – Live it!
    Words of wisdom….
    Great post Penny..Thank you for sharing your thoughts
    Take Care…

    • Thanks Ste J, unfortunately I would never have been a Templar or a Mason (being a female and all) however I’m guessing I would have quietly passed the words/formula on to my female offspring and so forth and so on (that way it becomes part of their genetic makeup…it has worked pretty well over the millineum. 🙂

    • Thanks, It’s always the simple truths that we (humans) seem to miss by complicating things, my thoughts on this anyway, Hoping your weekend is shaping up well for you and yours! Penny 🙂

    • Oops, I corrected my error but if you get a reply with me referring to you as Nick, sorry (my son’s name, he was on my mind this morning, I guess I need another cup of coffee, sorry again. Penny 🙂

  2. Penny, you seem to have this uncanny knack of putting up a post that coincides with my thought processes!! Life experiences have seriously changed my perspective lately and resulted in me making a decision that I have never felt the need to make before. My life has been fortunate and I really don’t think I have appreciated that fact before but a chance post by another blogging friend has resulted in me making the decision to fundraise on the back of my challenge to myself to trek to Everest Base Camp next year to celebrate my 60th birthday.U certainly agree with living of life – to the full 🙂

    • We do seem to “connect” don’t we! 🙂 Congratulations friend of mine! That is so exciting – 60 years young! yes indeed! According to the latest in scientific studies our mind/bodies are capable of living to 125, just working out the details of making it so…is the trick and I believe that ATTITUDE reigns supreme! Go for it! 🙂

    • Anelephantcant imagine how much I would love to be smarter than MontyPython. Did you know when I went to see that movie at the theatre, I had just come from having a very fancy dinner in a nearby restaurant, and in the one scene (you know the one I mean) I had to race to the ladies room and well lose most of the meal! That is a hilarious movie (just have this unfortunate memory associated with it! Thanks, go for it! Penny

      • Well, dear lady, when it comes to living life, we don’t really have an option other than to go for it, do we?
        Or die wondering.
        But your support is accepted with thanks.
        And yes, the scene is vivid in AnElephant’s (some say over-active) imagination, so sympathy and hugs are heading your way!

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