Dancing to the Beat

The Rhythm of Dancing

Not all, but most of us love dancing in some form. The sound, the rhythm, the beat. The body’s movements synchronized to melodious sounds. Modern, Ballet, Rock, Classic, Traditional, so many different forms of dance around the planet.

Four days ago at Caans, it was announced that Michael Flatley (Lord of the Dance – stepdance superstar) and Harvey Weinstein (Oscars) will be producing “The World Dancing Awards” to be aired in the Spring of 2013 most likely around April after the Oscars and the Grammys.

Michael Flatley called the project “a dream come true” and said the show would honor both the best in current dance talent as well as the great dancers of year’s past, from Fred Astaire to Michael Jackson.

” I think people have underestimated the popularity of dance around the world,” Flatley said. “But it is huge and it is only growing.”

Today all of us need to be reminded of the beauty in life – that which makes us feel good. Dance is definitely one of those things. For your entertainment I would like to share Michael Flatley at his finest along with his amazing troupe of dancers. Enjoy.



Have you danced recently? Thanks for stopping by. I hope you enjoyed your visit today.

~ Penny

Copyright © 2012 by Penny l Howe

48 thoughts on “Dancing to the Beat

  1. Great post about dancing. i love dancing and do Tap dance myself, I love Flatley and Gene Kelly is my hero. i enjoy dancing so much , it makes me feel free! thanks for this lovely post.

    • Wasn’t Gene Kelly just amazing? I loved to watch him dance and sing and well everything I guess lol! You are very welcome! It is always a pleasure for me to bring pleasure to others! 🙂

    • Dancing is just so fun Robyn, watching or participating! Just no way around it and I can just see you now dancing to the beat – Way cool! A happy thought indeed! Returning your love fully and completely ~ Penny xxx

    • My pleasure Susan, I try to keep my eye on anything that will bring a little more love and beauty into a person’s life. I saw a few interviews with Michael and he is happy off the wall with the opportunity of showcasing some of the best ever dancers ever! A really cool thing!

    • My pleasure LuAnn. He is really quite amazing to watch isn’t he? And now he’s on this quest searching for talented dancers around the world, so very very cool I think, passing on his legacy – So to speak!

    • Thanks Kizzy, I agree, totally mezmerizing in the most delightful and uplifting way! Hoping your weekend went well for you and your family, hugs to you my friend, Penny 🙂

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