Awww-someness to the 4th Degree…

A cup of pooch! A very cute one!

Yes I know, not another one. The thing is, these cute little photos do an amazinglyΒ fast job of elevating one’s mood (a happiness quickie so-to-speak lol), for a brief period to be true, still, ya’ just feel good in that moment! Well I do Anyway…So here you go! Awww away!

Thanks for stopping by, I hope you leave with a ‘smile’ on your face, or you can deposit same in the comment section, I collect you know! Have a happy day,


40 thoughts on “Awww-someness to the 4th Degree…

  1. While watching the presidential debate…what I really needed was to see a cute little teeny dog in a teacup. You are right- it is elevating! Thank you so much for reminding me of the simple things that are so important.

    • Thank you Robyn, ‘happiness quickies’ are always a good thing I think! Take care of you my dear friend, you are in my thoughts, sending loving energy your way this evening! Penny xxoxx

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