The Masters Award

Today I am a most grateful blogger. This morning I received an Award. Yes I know ‘been there done that’. And I am so very guilty of not staying on top of the Award Nominations, and yes the guilt is real. But this award. I am the first recipient! The very first!

I am so very moved by having someone put me in this category that it is difficult to properly express the feelings I felt when I read bab’s post today The Masters Award! If you haven’t been to her blog site please visit. She is one very inspiring lady and I thank her with great sincerity for this honor.

The thing is you are the ones that have inspired me. You, my blogging friends are the ones that energize my thoughts and feelings. Each and every one of you who blog and post with so much passion and feeling, beauty

a bloggers world

and creativity. Each of those who have honored me with a nomination, each of you who comment so fulsome on my posts, each of you who answer my comments on your posts with so much care and concern. You’re the reason! It’s you!

So on behalf of every single blogger I’ve come to know, appreciate and admire and those I hope to meet as time moves on, on behalf of each of you I most grateful and humbly accept this Award, from my heart!

Picking the next recipient is very difficult as there are more than a few that come immediately to mind. I kept reviewing the criteria for who to choose:

Here are the rules for bestowal of this award.  All of the following criteria must be met by the blog site receiving this award.  The blog site must be:

blogging creativity and inspiration

1) Inspirational – The blogs must inspire one in some way 2) Informative – The blog overall, must in one way or another impart information in a creative and captivating way 3) Imaginative – The blog must titillate the imagination, making you see, hear or feel the message they are trying to impart. 4) Insightful – The blog should capture the inner nature of what is being written about, photographed, et al…and this includes seeing intuitively.

The Rules:

1) The blogger bestowing this award must tell why they are bestowing their award based on the four criteria. All the criteria have to be met.

2) The blogger bestowing the award must do so in a post on their blog site and include “The Masters Award” emblem. They must also include in their post a link to the site that they are bestowing the award to.  Please notify the person who you are bestowing the award upon with a note to them on their site.

3) The site who the award is bestowed upon must write a post of thanks, linking their post back to the site who bestowed the award upon them.

4) In the same post, they must pass on the award based upon the criteria and they must follow these rules.

There is one that came to mind before all the others, I didn’t chose her but I wanted to. One of my earliest followers. Robyn Lee of throughthehealinglens …And although I know she does not do Awards any more I like to think she would have … this one. I also know that right now her world is in a place where she has some pretty big decisions to make and her time is limited.

I would not wish to intrude upon this time. But I did want her to know she was one of the first blog sites I went to where I honestly “learned” protocol on how to be a responsible blogger and recognized an amazingly talented, brave and loving individual!

After her there were several that I struggled with going back and forth between them. So very difficult! I went to my follows list, going back to the end of June beginning of July when I really started to blog. I had some really awesome bloggers to learn blogging lessons from.

I have personal favorites and I think you know who you are, to me each of you are master bloggers – but staying true to the rules I settled did finally settle on one that I think does best epitomize this award.


He was the 5th person to follow me. Jake Sprinter embodies each of the specific criteria in the most awesome of ways. He is clearly his own person. When he blogs, he blogs from the heart. He shares, he encourages, he inspires, and he is wonderfully creative and talented.

Yes indeed he most certainly is a Master Blogger. Be sure you visit not only his home page but also his ‘about’ page and ‘award’ page, this should give you a pretty good reason why I picked him!

The thing is there was one more additional person that I felt I also should have picked, I’m correcting this right now. Sharla of catnipoflife also to my way of thinking embodies all that a master blogger should be, so (having checked with the person who presented me with the award I am pleased to gift this award to Sharla with great thanks for all of the inspiration that her blogs, her amazing creativity, her wonderful words, her graceful love and caring for others that is always present. I know the person she will pick to gift this award to will be equally as special as she is herself. Thank you Sharla.

Thanks for visiting today, thank you for supporting me and filling each of my blogging days with so much happiness ~ Penny

Copyright © 2012 by Penny l Howe

71 thoughts on “The Masters Award

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  3. I just started to follow your blog and it seems by all of the comments that I read, that you have lived up the award title. You have created an amazing space where there is discussion, inspiration and joyous communication. Congratulations – I look forward to the conversation…

    • Thank you Clanmother. I welcome you. I’ve seen your comments on other blog sites that I visit. I also look forward to reading your posts. (I guess that’s an oblique way of saying I enjoy interacting with intelligent human beings who have been learning things while living life!

  4. Aww Penny my beloved friend and Master Blogger Goddess! Thank you so much for your incredible tribute here. I can’t believe you did that — blushing!! And the one day I am not online blog cruising at all (researching hip ick all day)… You are a gem — and I am so honored to know you. Truly this is the perfect award for YOU! The fact that you found my blog to be a good role model is beyond touching. Huge Hug and Kiss for you Penny!!xxxooo

    • Thank you Robyn, I know what is going on now in your life and I didn’t want to bother you, but did so want you to know how I felt and everyone else too! Thanks now I’m blushing (with pleasure) dear one. xxooxx

      • It’s funny that I read this post of yours first – and then decided that it was a spiritual goddess you look like in the Portal Post ~ and a portal can be a goddess perhaps? Oh boy – I’m loosing it — long day — will keep you in the loop. So far 3+ surgeons that aren’t in agreement… have a few more and my own research to do too! xxoo Thank you again for this lovely honor Penny!

    • Thank you SteJ. I am a little overwhelmed by the responsibility that seems to be attached to the word “Master”. (Of course perhaps I can have a bunch of servants running around doing things for me – just joking here). I’m going to do my best to be worthy. Thank you again for your sincere compliments, they are appreciated by me!
      ~ Penny 🙂

  5. Well done Penny. A truly magnificent award, and definitely well deserved. You are a true master who would make even Yoda proud.

    The inspiration you give others (myself included)
    The information you impart is close to legendary
    It is imaginative, and gets the grey matter working.
    And definitely insightful. Your blog is one of the best around Penny.

    And I am proud to call you a friend 🙂

    • Thank you, I am so flattered to be thought of in that way, and hope I can live up to this set of standards! Thanks again so very much! Was your weekend a pleasant one for you? Penny 🙂

    • Thanks. I am very flattered to have anyone see me from that perspective Ivonne. Just here doing my thing! Hoping your weekend has been all that it should be for you my friend, Penny 🙂

    • Thank you Marina, this was quite an unexpected honor. To have even one person put me at that level I find amazing and most flattering. I think I’m a master at being myself, both the good and the not so good. But I do like to encourage and inspire, I hope your weekend was all that it should be my friend! Penny 🙂

          • You have brought tears to my eyes on this day, my dear Penny. When I first started blogging, I had no clue what to expect and never envisioned what a wonderful world exists within the “blogging” world. Whether blogging personal experiences or purposing writings toward book accomplishments, each in its own way brings joy to others. It has been an experience beyond any expectations and a journey that I hope will be long lasting. The friendships gathered along the way have far surpassed any beginning thoughts and continue to grow each day. We are blessed, my dear friend, with a gift of sharing our words of heart and soul to lift others in times of need when we don’t even know at the time the words are penned who exactly will be touched. Thank you for the award and know that I am truly overwhelmed with gratitude!

    • Honestly a no brainer in many respects. You show up inspiring on so many of the blogs I visit. You are a great inspiration to so very many, also I happen to think you have a ton of talent! 🙂

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