The Penny Howe Portal – (google this, it’s real)

Portals to Imagination

If you google the words “Penny Howe Portal”! Yes, For real … you will end up here at this website  The Megalithic Portal!

Okay so here’s the real scoop. Penny Howe is the “site” (geographic location) for a Round Barrow:

Bowl Shaped Barrow

( Hemispherical mounds of earth and/or stone raised over a burial place) In the British Isles, round barrows date to the Bronze Age, although Neolithic examples also exist. Later, round barrows were also used by Romans, Viking and Saxon societies. The site is located in the County of Yorkshire (North) England.

Any now if you click here Penny Howe Portal location you can “see” (lol) the very specific location of the Penny Howe Portal complements of Wikimapia. I do not make this stuff up! Although I could I suppose!

I am still trying to figure out the Portal reference (I think it was met literally,the website with the name being a Portal to other historic barrows), Still it spooks me out a little! So here goes my imagination.

If I did have a portal (Penny’s Portal lol) it would probably happen when I open a book and then it would take me or anyone to somewhere magical – filled with wonderful and imaginative places where the mind can have a most awesome time (Oh wait I think that already happens!) Yes it does, for all of us, how wonderful! Books, YES!

Penny’s Portal – Books!

You know now that I think about it I may change my moniker (pennycoho) to pennysportal. lol

Everyone have a most excellent weekend, thank you for stopping by!

The “Penny” of “The Portal”

With much affection,



45 thoughts on “The Penny Howe Portal – (google this, it’s real)

  1. Well I have been up that way many times and must have passed lots of those barrows but never noticed the connection, I am ashamed. I confess I also hummed The X-Files music when you mentioned Halloween. Book portals are interesting, we all read the same words yet no two interpretations are the same. Love it.

      • I like it, everything connects, no matter how tenuously, it is a regulkar occurence when entering into a conversation with a certain English chap, we start on something like kids books and end up on about various tactics for WWI trench artillery bombardments, via stories about how caves got there humourous names and other such eclectic stuff.

  2. Penny, I Googled and only got your website:>( Not that your website is not GREAT by any means…just disappointed BUT not in the post…it is awesome as usual and I love the picture!

    • Yes, the next thing you know people will be popping into my alternative world and then theres no telling what will happen from there! (are you laughing, I am!) Thank you LuAnn, I do appreciate you so much! Please stay the ‘you’ that you are, it is most endearing to me! 🙂 xxoxx

      • just returned from a wonderful church service , we had a soul saved tonight so of course I am on a wonderful spirit filled high, prayed for healing but sometimes we have to just suffer for whatever reason and I am not much better, can’t get in to Dr until 31st so if not better by tomorrow afternoon I may have to go to Er which I hate doing but I have to breath darn it. Retaining fluid so I started taking some Lasiks they had taken me off of , chest pain makes me think fluid building up there too. so we will see. thank you for listening to my saga. LOL Love you dear friend.God Loves you too!

  3. How cool is that!! Yes books ~ and the written word is such a portal to discovery in sooo many ways! Penny’s Portal – will have to check my google now !!! BTW – LOVE this photo of you here –you remind me of a spiritual goddess (just called you goddess in last post:) But something very connected about your energy in this photo ~ xxoo ps: maybe Penny is the PORTAL!!??

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