Happiness, Honesty, Hope

Three “H’s”

Wow! You hear those three words and you think to yourself, this should prove interesting!

Three Powerful Words, HUGE! I’ll try not to disappoint you today.



“It is never far away, it can show up at a moments notice.

But don’t look for it, Just allow it to happen.

Happiness is not a thing to strive for.

It is a happening.

It moves to the beat of it’s own drum

You just need to hear the rhythm

and join in!



We live in the now of things.

We have dreams of tomorrows.

We have memories of yesterdays.

It is so easy to live in either of those places.

Be honest with yourself.

Be true to the exploration of your life.

Be true to You.

If you are not true to yourself,

You will not be true to others.

It is too easy to lie to ourselves about why

or when or where or how.

And then we believe our lies and pass them on

to others and so it goes.

Honesty is a truth ~ both Subtle and Clear.

And always the way to be

with yourself and others.




Believe it or not, of these 3 words

Hope reigns supreme.

It is what moves humanity forward.

Hope is what makes us get up when it

would be easier to lay there.

Hope is being Human at it’s most Essential.

We cannot survive without hope.

If we can hope

Then we can believe.

If we believe

We can survive.

Hope ~ A human element

required for life!


Thank you for visiting me, have a happy today.

~ Penny

Copyright © 2012 by Penny l Howe

52 thoughts on “Happiness, Honesty, Hope

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    • My pleasure LuAnn. It is the way I am in general, applying same to words and graphics – a little more effort but lots of fun creatively! And then I hope the message is understood. Thank you! 🙂

    • It seems the very simple is getting lost in the confused miasma also called socia media. While we do connect more quickly, some of those simple things are getting lost in the electronic flow of neverending data.

    • Thanks Celestine, I need to come visit you, it’s been too long (very busy for me right now). I hope all is well for you and your family! Much love to you my friend! Penny 🙂 xxx

  2. But all interlinked, entwined, entangled.
    No happiness without honesty.
    No happiness without hope.
    And as happiness is what we seek, then the others are crucial.
    And you are right, of course, Penny, that hope is what makes us get up and do things.
    But sometimes happiness causes us to just lie there.

  3. Happiness – Arrived when I least expected it. Just turned up one day and took me by surprise

    Honesty – I try to be all the time. I remember the last time I wasn’t very clearly I also remember when I wasn’t honest with myself as well.

    Hope – I always have hope. There is always something to hope for,

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