Only One War is Acceptable

There is only One War that is acceptable.

The War that takes “NO” lives.

The War that isn’t decided because it is based on a struggle for power.

The War that isn’t based on discrimination due to a specific mindset;

about ethnicity, ideology, opinion, beliefs, or understandings.


There is only one Acceptable War.

The war that goes on within each of our minds.


The war where we struggle

to overcome our fears of the difference in others,

and learn to accept all.


We are all human.

We are the Human Race.

We are One!

No life is expendible,

No life is less important than another,

Not ever!

Not Ever!




We must win our private war –

Our struggles within!

Change, let it happen


We are all members of the human race,

Every single one of us!



This I believe

 please hear these words,

they move with the beat of the heart.

~ Penny L. Howe

46 thoughts on “Only One War is Acceptable

  1. So wonderful, Penny, but unfortunately since the beginning of time there has been war. Until the end of time, there will be war. Like Alastair, too bad the battles could not be fought strategically over a good game of chess.

    • Yes there has always been war, it is my hope that “civilization” humanity’s future will recognize the futility and deathknoll that war is for all of us on this planet. I believe therefore I have hope. Also I love chess, just love it!

  2. no wards and be more expressive, sometimes when i call for such meanings i feel like Don Qixotte..a dreamer fighting windmills…. thank you reminding all of these HUMAN meanings.

    • Thank you Arindam, I know your feelings on this subject. Your generous words mean much to me. I am passionate when it comes to humanity’s well being. I want to protect all of our people on the planet, all I have is words though!

    • Thank you, they are just words, but words about a human condition that I feel passionate about. Since a small child I have never understood. I mean I know as an adult all the adult (reasons) but I still don’t understand why one human being can hurt (kill) another and then justify it! Thanks for caring and responding, Penny xx

  3. I agree 3000%

    If the people who decided to wage war were to go out at the head of their army, they certainly wouldn’t do it. War should be settled over a game of chess or Dejarik.

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