Unexpected Gift of Love

Larrisa’s Art

This morning the door bell rang very early.

We were were all getting up and ready for the day.

I answered the door. 10 year old Larissa (she lives about 6 houses further down the block from us) was at the door. She was on her way to school. Larissa handed me a post card.”This is for You!” She said.

On one side of the postcard was the beautiful drawing you see above. This is the other side of the postcard. I was/am very moved by this token from a young girl.

Larissa’s Words

After writing my last post about why war is so very wrong, a young girl appears on my doorstep first thing the next morning to emphasize the WHY! This post is for all the Larissas on the planet who hope to grow up and live full and happy lives. We can help! Care, Be involved, Make a difference. It’s that easy!

A photo of Larissa (My Emma’s bff) from this summer!

Lovely Larrisa

It is cloudy and overcast and cold out this morning, but after this unexpected gift of love this morning to me the sun is shining brightly. I feel very warm and glowy inside, a most wonderful feeling!

Hope your day is as filled with love as mine is today!

~ Penny

Happy Camper!

54 thoughts on “Unexpected Gift of Love

  1. Thank you for sharing such a lovely story! What a truly wonderful and special gift. I think it is especially special for someone that young to reach out in an non-electronic way! A hand-written note AND one that contains her own artwork will be something you can keep and treasure. 🙂

    • Exactly. The most sincerest gift one can receive, especially from innocence. Where you feel you are making a positve difference in some way. I will cherish her postcard of love and thanks! A definite treasure! 🙂

    • Thank you. She looked so nervous giving it to me. And I was just so very moved. She does really have a lot of talent and is Emma’s very best friend, they are so much alike, ah heck, it just makes me feel good what can I say! 🙂

      • As it should. BTW, I am listening to the song We Are Young as I type this and I can just see you and your family dancing and singing this at the top of your lungs. It just makes me smile. 🙂

  2. You may not know that your second favourite Elephant does book readings, mainly to primary school children in the 5 – 8 age range.
    Having spent most of his former life working in industry and then retail, he can confirm that you meet a better class of person in a primary school.
    Children have not yet ‘learned’ to take people for granted, they appreciate all the little things.

    • Thank you. Yes her standing there outside the door this morning with a hesitant but determined look on her face when she handed me the card was something to see. When I started to smile and gave her the biggest hug ever, my day was perfect and she left swinging her book pack cheerfully. I agree completely with you my friend!

    • Thank you for a most delightful thought. No I am most definitely real, which means I mess up everyday, make mistakes, and sometimes forget to do the things I should. I do care however, A lot! And I believe in every single word I write and want to share. Thank you Ela, for the lovely compliment, I’m very flattered. Penny

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