Who knew a ball could be so fascinating?

“See the ball … Be the ball!”

Honestly I’m guessing every blogger out there would like to have that kind of riveted audience.

Or here’s an even better one. Every politician would love to have their constituents look at them with that intensity … although perhaps now that I think about it I’m guessing we currently are…

Enjoy the moment, as always I hope it brought a smile to your face!

Have an excellent day and better tomorrow,

~ Penny

51 thoughts on “Who knew a ball could be so fascinating?

  1. Hi Penny,
    Great pic! I love the way they are all trepidaciously staring at the ball waiting for it to do something SCARY!!!! 🙂
    Hope you are ok, thanks for making me smile xxx

    • Hi Nick, thanks for stopping by and commenting. Yes they do look at it in that way don’t they? We are doing better than okay, life is moving on nicely. Thank you so much for caring about our family, it means a great deal to me. Your friend, Penny 🙂

  2. Reblogged this on shafiqah1 and commented:
    LOL, I follow lots of sports, but I suck at playing sports. However, that never stopped me from filling my teacher-speak with sports quotes like Nike’s “just do it” and the phrase “be the ball.” All of my students would go around telling each other, “man, you know you gotta be the ball!” Or “Go hard or go home!” And I would laugh at myself. That is how often I said stuff like that.

    • Way cool shafiqah. I was actually the pitcher for a boys baseball team when I was thirteen. They let me play because I could strike everyone out! So I was (temporarily) accepted into the boys club! lol, but I get it … be the ball! Love it!

  3. Sometimes I feel I am the ball and that everyone is watching me. Which can be a good thing … until a mistake is made and you find that that cute little kitten turns into a hungry lion 😉

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