Who will we throw away tomorrow?

Throw Away

We are the “throw away” society. I include myself as I am in that group as well. We compose approximately 18 to 25% of the people on the planet. The other 75-80% may/will go without food, sanitary water, clothing, shelter. More than 5 billion if you’re into numbers.

So as I was saying, we are the throw away society. It is so very easy. The interesting thing is we do this mostly without conscious thought of our actions. It is just what we do. Quicker, Easier, More convenient and so on. The value of what we eat, drink, wear, or where we reside is secondary to our convenience. Isn’t that interesting. A way of life. Just throw it away, replace as needed. Just about everything is expendable, price not withstanding.

We throw away life too. Another interesting thing. Also done without much thought. If certain criteria aren’t met, it seems the simple thing is – to remove those (from your life-style) who interfere with the above mode of “quicker,easier,more convenient methodology. And the rationalization used for being a “throw away” society stretches the bounds of incredibility. Presumably. Perhaps. Maybe.

I’m thinking included in this group can be the elderly, the poor, children, those families experiencing a life altering transition in life (loss of income, illness or the death of a family member for example), those who may be viewed as handicapped or disabled in some way, a country that isn’t up to speed yet as a throw away consumer, animals, living plants and trees of the planet that are vital for keeping the ecological system running smoothly.

There that’s about it. Thought you might like to know. But I do wonder. Who will we throw away tomorrow … or more to the point what will we do when we run out of things to throw away!


Our choice – as always!


Just a few things to ponder, I do believe I speak of all our tomorrows. Thank you for stopping by!

~ Penny

Copyright © 2012 by Penny l Howe

70 thoughts on “Who will we throw away tomorrow?

  1. Your word are so very priceless, and my heart embraces so easily their lifting messages. They change the complexion of ones day a such agreat way..thanks for the deep illumination within! You are a blessing and thank you for paying me a timely visit…i look forward to embracing your presence! Have a very blessed day tommorrow!

  2. Hello, Penny! So nice to meet you…thank you for coming by my blog and ‘liking’ it. I definitely like yours. 🙂
    This is a great post…it’s so sad that we throw things away and buy new rather than fix them…and when it comes to people and our natural resources…we are totally disrespectful of their worth. You give us much to think about…and hopefully, act upon. 🙂

    • Thank you Vivian. A pleasure to meet you and visit your blog also. Changing our habits seems to come slowly with humans. You are correct. I also am hopeful that we change faster than the planet changes. Thanks for your visit I hope you’ve been having a good weekend, Penny 🙂

  3. What a thought provoking post, Penny. My mom’s generation hardly throw away anything. They have lived through very hard times, and are more appreciative and far less wasteful than the younger ones.

  4. The mantra “out of sight, out of mind” does seem to be alive and well in much of the world, however, I am hopeful as well that we can turn this around. I have always focused on the environment and being green, but since I retired and started to travel in an RV, even more so. I have been toying with the idea of writing a post on how to be green living in an RV.

    When we slow down and take the time to listen to what our heart is telling us and look around us, we know what we must do. It is easy in this fast-paced world to get off track and lose our way.

    The impact of people, particularly the elderly, in a throw-away society is the real tragedy. We seem so ready to cast others aside for the slightest injustice or if we feel that person no longer offers any value.

    It would be fabulous if each of us took one thing that makes us uncomfortable in this life, whether it be the elderly, the homeless, the infirm, etc. and vow to make a difference. How might this change the world?

    Thanks for a very thought-provoking post Penny. 🙂

  5. Hey Penny..you’le love this…google flipflop project Kenya and see what they do with all the flipflops that get washed onto their shores from all corners of the globe…its fascinating to see what they do with ‘throw aways’…;-)

    • That is so extremely cool and awesome Lisa. I googled and read. In nature everything gets used or recyled, they so have the right idea in Kenya! Thank you for sharing this with me (brought a smile to my face) my friend! Hope your weekend has been really great for you so far! Penny

  6. It seems the more we worry abut global warming and poverty, the more waste there seems to be. Technology is a major factor, not just the throwaway nature as another upgrade comes out next year but the lack of effort made with friendships that seem all to easy to disregard although the access to each other is phenomenal.

    People being shunted away as well is a terrible by-product of a society that has to be on the move , trying to get wherever it is, faster than other people. I wonder how long it will be before the problems become irreparable, of course it’ll take us a decade after that to notice. That scenario doesn’t bear thinking about.

  7. Yes, we do throw away far too much. I read somewhere, that there is enough food for everyone on the planet, the problem is we don’t have a means for distribution. And the problem with that, I read that like 20 years ago.

  8. So very true! Just actually had a conversation with my neighbor about this from a materialistic standpoint. We have become a disposable society in which everything from toasters to furniture to homes are built to only last for a short period of time before we go out and “buy new”. I love how you take that concept and how it relates to PEOPLE. What especially struck a cord is the elderly. No longer new, they get neglected, tossed aside. Which is so tragic. Not only are these human beings but they also carry with them a wealth of knowledge and experience that can’t be duplicated!

    • I agree 1000%. yesterday is always (or should be) a part of our today and tomorrow. Especially the lessons that have already been learned. If there is less interaction with the learned of our senior members this becomes less likely to happen. Thank you for sharing these very important thoughts, I appreciate them and you! Penny

  9. Unfortunately we do throw too much away. Sometimes before they are even finished with. Because of the difficulty I used to have with money, nowadays I will sell things on eBay or give to a charity shop so that they can be used by someone else.

    I know sometimes we have no choice but to throw things away, however, recycling is so much a better way to go. 🙂

  10. I know this is a bad habit but at one point, I was guilty of throwing away clothes I no longer wanted. You’re right. It’s just easier that way. They go down the chute and IMMEDIATELY I have more space. But then one day I decided to just start giving them away to a friend who has other responsibilities and therefore is not as lucky as me to be able to go out shopping all the time. I even started making it a point to clear my wardrobe when I knew I was going to meet her soon. Then when we stopped meeting for a long period of time, it was back to dumping. *shakes head in embarrassment* I should really stop that. For good.

    • It is difficult, and I am ever bit as guilty as you, it really is a “way of life”. We don’t really intend to be using up our resources, change comes so hard doesn’t it Rynna!

  11. My thoughts exactly – plus the horror of what we do to our world, the destruction of forests, oceans, species – the New children are going to have a big clean-up job, and I do feel sad for my grandchildren,,,,,

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