The Talent of an Artist, Writer, Musician…

… and Constructive Criticism,

The Good, The Bad, The Ugly – Truth of it all!

It’s quite possible, in fact probable that I may take some heat from this post, which is of course perfectly acceptable. Bring it on!


The word “artist” here applies to anyone who creates. They may use any format, any medium, any creative talent and will produce something original. Written words, musical sounds, lyrics, paintings, photography, movies, videos, sculpture, crafting, dancing, acting, and so on)


To me “Constructive Criticism” is a refined and effective type of critical feedback. The reader/viewer/listener will tell you what they find “good” about your creative endeavors and share what can be improved upon. So far so good. When you ask a person to “critique” your work pick someone you know to be skilled in the area of your artistry. They will give you an informed perspective of their opinion. Most artistry comes with learning the “tools of the trade”. This is important. The person who is offering critical feedback should be knowledgeable in this manner. If you don’t personally know someone like this, ask a fellow artist who they may know.


There are many out there in the online world wide web of everything that profess to being “experts”! Many are well qualified but some are not. Research! Find out more about those you would ask for advice. Be very careful in whom you approach for critical appraisal.


Okay this is where I think I’m going to take a hit from some “professionals” in various fields. The world is in a flux of change. Some of the tried and true “rules” of what and how you should create (in any given medium) is evolving. There is a wellspring of innovative talent from around the world merging with one another right now. This means experimentation and creative new styles and methods.

Don’t let “experts” rain on your parade and tell you what is wrong with your art because it is different. Those who are tied to the past cannot easily see the essence of the future springing from your words, your art, your style of acting, your music, your photography, your videos and so on. Be you! Creative from the heart. You’re the Artist of your work, not them.


“The artist is still a little like the old court jester. He’s supposed to speak his vicious paradoxes with some sense in them, but he isn’t part of whatever the fabric is that makes a nation.” ~ William Faulkner


So there you go, I’ve had my say. Thank you for stopping by have a most excellent weekend!

~ Penny

ps – I was asked how old the pictures are that I use of myself, in my posts. Some are recent. None are more than 4 months old, this one I took a couple of hours ago! I know I look tired, I was up late last night! lol

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25 thoughts on “The Talent of an Artist, Writer, Musician…

    • Thank you. When I had a small marketing firm, I dealt, quite a bit, with graphic designers who were also hopeful “fine” artists trying to make a living. I observed that they “the artists” became more open and creative when there was less criticism and more support (they also took constructive criticism better – go figure lol). Again my thanks for your comments, Penny xx

  1. Hi dearest Penny ~ what a wonderful post once again… I needed to read this today…. sometimes we get so concerned with what others think that it distracts from who we truly are — which distracts from our most genuine creative selves… Your post brings this home ~ than you my lovely friend – who looks fantastic in each and every photo (even when tired)!! Sending Lots of Love ~ xo

    • Hello my favoritest favorite. Thank you! If you ever doubt who you are I will be most happy to remind you, lol! Thanks, not enough sleep lately, hope to catch up soon! Take really good care of you, All my love to you Robyn, xoxoxo Penny

  2. The greatest artists and the most revered are those who have completely pushed past the limits of expectations and ordinary. Although, especially in older times they suffered somewhat they are who have made the arts greater today.
    It was a bit cheeky of me but during the first class of play writing, I explained why I was there. I said I was there to learn the structure and the rules so that when I started writing I could break them all. 🙂 There were audible breath intakes – not sure if that is a good or bad sign. I have kept level since though !! haha

    • Ha ha, I just somehow don’t think so Lesley re: keeping level! You have a wonderful wandering spirt, I love it! Someone asked me once how I could set the bar so high (re:taking risks) my answer that I think you may relate to “Because I can!” 🙂 Hope your weekend is being good for you my friend! Penny

  3. I for one loved this post. The older I get the more I seem to question “conventional wisdom” in so many areas. Thanks Penny and have a lovely weekend. 🙂

    • Thanks LuAnn, I ‘m pleased to hear this, conventional wisdom certainly has it’s place, I just haven’t quite decided where to place it though, teehee ~ Hope your weekend is also being extra special for you my dear friend! 🙂

  4. If you draw, write or sing you’ve been given a gift
    If you put it all out there be willing to sift

    You may be very gifted and perhaps want to keep it all to yourself. But the moment you publish you have to expect all kinds of criticism-the good, the bad, the ugly.
    Be willing to sift and sort through it. Know your goals. And a little laughter helps too. 🙂

    • Thank you meme, so very well spoken. This past week has been just a simply crazy one for me here. Laughter really does help to not take things quite so seriously. Thank you my dear friend, you brighten my day! 🙂

  5. Great post Penny. I agree with you. Although I have had no one on here say anything bad about my photography, I have had from some “friends” on Facebook who have been less than complimentary about it. While it stings when I read it, I just shrug and think “I’m not doing it for you”

  6. Sadly all too true.
    AnElephantCant claim to know much about anything other than literature, but writers whose work has been banned or censored include Steinbeck, Joyce, Orwell, Nabokov, Huxley, Hemingway, Tolkein, Lawrence, Burgess, Rushdie and Faulkner.
    And far too many others to mention.
    Musicians whose work has been banned or censored include Elvis, Beatles, Dylan, Kinks, Cher, McGuire, Pogues, Stones and even Bing Crosby!
    And a million others.
    Reasons for these have been many and varied but almost never, in my view, valid.
    Closed minds bad, change good.
    Keep telling the truth, Penny, that creativity is pure, and raspberries to the Ugly ‘experts’.

  7. Free form creativity pushes boundaries and that can only ever be a good thing, even in the media the story is sometimes changed around so much that it’s better to read it from three or four sources to get a good overall view on what is going on out there. Good points well said, let the mavericks inspire the rest of the world to something more.

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