On multicolored wings of splender…

… The Autumn Fairy arrived,

flying In just that very special way of Autumn fairies everywhere,

at first barely noticed so gentle and delicate her entrance.

She dipped and turned

rustling the plants and leaves,

encouraging others to fall, as is her nature.

She swept past with swirling winds,

and I heard the leaves giggling …

tickled by her playful breeze ,

winging her way through nature’s remaining summer beauty.


“Autumn”, the fairy’s wings a fluid motion of colours

blending and merging into glorious cacophony.

I sighed with wonder

so very many changing colors and patterns

 and then out of the far corner of my eye I saw her

… a vision of beauty passing thru

leaving the splendor of fallen leaves

and those following  in her wake.


A quickness, a warming gentleness

and then a newness, a crispness to the air,

“Autumn” the fairy departing

I hear the crunch of fallen leaves as I walk through.

There is a cooling crispness in the air

Ah so,

I now await the coming of the Winter fairy

I know she cannot be far behind.

~ Penny L. Howe



Luckily for me I was there with sketchbook in hand and captured the autumn fairy for all to see! Be safe this weekend my friends, thanks for stopping by.

~ Penny

Copyright © 2012 by Penny l Howe

67 thoughts on “On multicolored wings of splender…

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    • Thank you Elizabeth, there is something wonderful about the wide range of colors that is fascinating to me also. And the change in temperature from the heat of the summer. I agree with you!

  2. Since autumn is my favorite season, this poem made me smile. I love the fairy drawing. They are difficult to see, I am told, so lucky you! Happy Sunday 🙂

  3. Well sketched, I hear the Autumn fairy is a notoriously difficult to sketch insitu, love the arty way in which your sketch book has a light sprinkling of leaves on it, it makes everything so more immediate yet at the same time as subtle as the turning of Summer to Autumn.

    • Thanks, I can not share with you how frequently I have sketched “on location” a specific thing and then wanted to somehow include everything in the surroundings so those viewing could see the full picture!

      • How about getting a humungous piece of tracing paper and using a wax crayon to kind of ‘brass rub’ all the detail onto the paper for us? It’s a mental idea….but it just may work!

        • Wow, boggles the mind, I can’t decide if it’s scary that you and I can so easily “go there” with this “idea” or just incredible cool that our mind’s eye is so very flexible with possibilities beyond the realm of belief. Sigh, wish that I could do so, A virtual rubbing, kaleidoscope of colors pulled from the moisture of the air converted into digital transformed into conceptualist virtualism (how about that?) 🙂

          • Off that was one hack of a last sentence there! If all things were possible this would be great, I think cures for diseases and stopping poverty just about trump this idea though.

            • Goes without saying also. I like to think that the virtual breakthrough would be most effective in assisting in the medical/science arenas SteJ and the ability for people to help others more! Just finished reading a paper from Stanford U. re: optimizing virtual applications, with less physical hardware etc. so we are headed that way my friend!

    • Thank you Alice, 10 year old Emma has already asked me what she (the fairy) would look like so I’m under pressure (re a child’s expections lol) to have a lovely winder Fairy for her and everyone!

  4. Your sketch is just lovely Penny! I love how her arms are stretched upwards and I actually like that she doesn’t have a face…

    • Thank you Rynna.I did want to make my sketch the focus the movement of ‘winging through’ not so much a facial expression, glad you caught that! I hope your weekend was a good one my friend, Penny xx

  5. Hi Penny: We are new to your blog courtesy of 4 a.m. writer, but are already fans. “On Multicolored Wings of Splendor” is a breathtakingly beautiful look into an autumn fantasy. What vivid colors and magnificent storytelling, meshing fantasy with the living breathing mother nature. She felt real and supreme as we read this. My fav: “She swept past with swirling winds,and I heard the leaves giggling …tickled by her playful breeze” (uhh!! I know I’m going to sound completely silly but wow!)
    Your poem has to be by far, our favorite piece We’ve read this year, and this fall. My daughters favorite time of year, is autumn and she also happens to love fairy’s and wood nymphs, so she completely immersed herself in the words and world. Although I loved the poem, I couldn’t help but to feel excited about the follow up. I’m a winter lover and would love to read your poem for that season as well. Look forward to your future posts.

    • Hello again, Thank you so very much for all your compliments, I am flattered and extremely appreciative of them. 4 a.m. writer is super isn’t she? Once again my special thanks and I will try not to disappoint with the winter fairy (looking outside right now I’m guessing she isn’t far away lol). I hope both of you had a wonderful weekend, with affection, Penny

    • Thank you Sumithra, it’s great knowing there is someone else out there that feels the same as I do about the colors of autumn. My pleasure to share, always. Hugs received and returned with affection, Penny

    • Hi Rosy, Thanks, it does, doesn’t it? I must confess ignorance on the type of plant it is, I do not know. I could say I went through Penny’s Portal, took a quick shot of the truffula tree and came back. Yeah I like it, that works for me 🙂 many hugs and smiles back to you Rosy! 🙂 xx

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