Human Spirit…compelling to care!

Compelling to Care!

When adversity strikes there often becomes a compelling need by others to help, to reach out, make a difference.

It is one of the best things about being human. The human spirit. It reaches beyond life’s ordinary daily issues, in times of crisis, to submerge the petty and reveal the positive, the brave, the giving, the caring – the loving.

This is good, this is very good. As it should be.

Thank you for stopping by,

~ Penny

22 thoughts on “Human Spirit…compelling to care!

  1. I think we humans are all innately good but we tend to get caught up with the minutiae that is our lives. It too often takes a crisis to bring us to action but thankfully when that occurs, we are there to hold out a hand to others in need.

  2. If only this would come out all the time & not just during tragic times. It makes me sad that this is the only time we see some type of togetherness.

    • I do so agree Rosy, if only, but I keep hoping that we will get better at this. Mother Nature is helping too (no I’m not making a joke as much as I am stating a fact) I think we are going to see more storms like this, so out of necessity we (humans) will need to work together.

    • I think, scientifically speaking, it is a genetic code in all humans (obviously in some buried very deep) that when a part of the species is perceived as being in danger, the instinctive need to protect and help comes to the fore (to protect the survival of the species – not very romantic or sentimental but I think inherently true). I would wish it were a stronger code and I do know that dna rewrites itself during a persons life so I stay hopeful Amany. I do stay hopeful for all of us!

  3. The evolution of cooperation has been the topic of many many many papers and discussions and will probably continue for sometime.

    I remember being in kindergarten and going on a field trip to a broom factory. The teacher said take your partner’s hand and keep track of him/her. Hands were clasped and no one got lost and we all returned safely to the school and were rewarded by a sweet treat provided by the broom factory.

    As we grow older the reward of caring, sharing, giving and loving is the good feeling we receive.

  4. AnElephantCant help being concerned about his US friends and their loved ones who may be threatened by this latest natural phenomenon to hit your country.
    It seems, Penny, that you understand our thoughts so well.

    • Thanks, I have kept the weather channel on these last few days to stay abreast of things (not a tv fan in general). Since I live on the other end of the country I’ve been able to keep an eye on things as well as text with family I have that live in the affected area (all is well for them). Thank you again for your concerns, much appreciated my friend! Penny

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