Right here, right now – Updated!

There was a popular video that circulated 4 years ago about the progression of information technology. This video I am showing is the 2012 updated version.

It takes 5 minutes to watch this video…wait until you have the time to view this, as once you start watching…you won’t be able to stop yourself from watching the rest!




So what does this all mean … The future, our future is right here right now…in our hands! Up to us!

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~ Penny

21 thoughts on “Right here, right now – Updated!

  1. AnElephantCant help thinking
    That his brain is about to catch fire
    We have come a long way
    Since that long ago day
    When 5 computers were all that were required

    But these numbers are truly mind-numbing
    It is too much for him to comprehend
    The question to ask
    Are we up to the task
    Where on earth is it all going to end

    Remarkable stats, Penny.
    Which suggest to this not too bright pachyderm that none of us can possibly have any idea what is going to be the next big thing to change our world.
    Exciting? Yes.
    Scary biscuits? For sure.
    Options? None.

    Food for thought.
    Hopefully, peanuts!

    • I’m guessing peanuts is a good thing! Also they already have the next concept in the works (I shared this with another blogger just the other day, I recently read a paper from Stanford U. re: optimizing virtual applications, with less physical hardware, that’s a pretty good mind stagger-er I think!:)

  2. So what does it all mean? It means life is changing. True, the rate and the volume of change are changing, but change is change, to assign measurements to change is to deny its nature.

    I believe the biggest element of “it all” is that it is increasingly difficult for people to deny change. As a species our illusion of permanence is being dispelled. The Buddhists call this entering reality.

    So what does this all mean? It means that some humans will not experience much change in “it all”, and some will. As always, this will depend on each individual’s relationship with reality.

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