We all Conform…!

Circles of Conformity – Society Today

We all conform, each of us to an individual circle (environment) of our own contouring. The one where we decide we are safest and most secure.

And each of us has a slightly different perspective of what safe and secure means. So while we might hang with those with similar views, we still keep to our self-imposed environment. It is more comfortable that way.

Stretching this analogy a little further. if you used a protractor and created a bunch of circles that overlap (well you’d have a pretty design, lol) but you’d also have an idea of how individuals overlap a little bit with others who think as they do. but still staying in their comfort level.

Now if you move the pointy part (I know, but I like the way it sounds, lol) of the contractor over so that you make a circle that does not connect in anyway with the other circles you’ve created a gap between this circle and the others, no overlapping going on here.

No connections. This then is society, in many aspects, today. We are not very comfortable unless others conform in ways that are similar to our own. And we tend not to stray far from our own comfort zone.

Just imagine though, if there were a few more circles to connect all the circles from one to another. We would still be conforming only now within the contours of neverending connections, where everything and everyone is related and interactive. And what a beautiful design that would create. Now that is a thought to think upon!

The Design of Life – All Life!

Just a few of my thoughts on the subject. I hope you enjoyed, Thank you for visiting me today!

~ Penny

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A “Follow”- up to Dreams

Following Dreams

This one’s for you Rosy! There are some people who are very special people, they make you feel a little bit better about the day and yourself. You know it when you meet them. You know it when you interact with them online. You just know it. RoSy is one of those! If you aren’t familiar with her blog it is a good one to follow!

As a follow-up to my last post about dreaming I give you a video from an Elvis Presley Movie. “A classic” for Elvis fans of all ages (I’m one too. lol). Chosing this particular video, well I did that for Rosy. May your dreams be golden ones tonight my friend! The movie that this video/song is taken from is called most appropriately “Follow that Dream”.


Elvis sings of love of a person. The dream calling me is for a love of all people and so I follow my dream to make this come true! Perhaps a silly hope,  but for me a true one!

Thank you for visiting me today,


What are you dreaming about tonight?


Do you dream? Do you think about what you dream? Do you remember what you dream? Each of us would answer those questions differently. Based on our life styles and daily activities.

But here are some truths. We are a hugely sleep deprived society. When we finally do get to sleep, it may be a restless sleep and if we do dream it may or may not be something we recall at all. And yet the dreaming is going on. Thinking about your dreams (happy ones of course) may help you to fall asleep easier.

And here’s the really good news. Dreaming is good for you. It has been proven that just before the dream state occurs (REM movement), the bodies immune system gets very busy in its healing process. Yes!

A good way to improve your health and the quality of your sleep is to consciously look forward to dreaming. In dreams your imagination has no limits. Think about every song/poem ever written when it comes to dreaming. They’re pleasant aren’t they? It is the word we use when we are wishing for something.

To me dreams are a creative landscape within our mind but with no boundaries.

Dreaming is a very real part of our life experience, even the part we don’t consciously remember. It seems to me to do a thing you must start to think of the thing desired, so today I ask you – What are you dreaming about tonight?

Dreams – Creative Landscapes in our Mind


Thank you for visiting me, may your dreams be joyous ones

~ Penny