What are you dreaming about tonight?


Do you dream? Do you think about what you dream? Do you remember what you dream? Each of us would answer those questions differently. Based on our life styles and daily activities.

But here are some truths. We are a hugely sleep deprived society. When we finally do get to sleep, it may be a restless sleep and if we do dream it may or may not be something we recall at all. And yet the dreaming is going on. Thinking about your dreams (happy ones of course) may help you to fall asleep easier.

And here’s the really good news. Dreaming is good for you. It has been proven that just before the dream state occurs (REM movement), the bodies immune system gets very busy in its healing process. Yes!

A good way to improve your health and the quality of your sleep is to consciously look forward to dreaming. In dreams your imagination has no limits. Think about every song/poem ever written when it comes to dreaming. They’re pleasant aren’t they? It is the word we use when we are wishing for something.

To me dreams are a creative landscape within our mind but with no boundaries.

Dreaming is a very real part of our life experience, even the part we don’t consciously remember. It seems to me to do a thing you must start to think of the thing desired, so today I ask you – What are you dreaming about tonight?

Dreams – Creative Landscapes in our Mind


Thank you for visiting me, may your dreams be joyous ones

~ Penny

70 thoughts on “What are you dreaming about tonight?

  1. I very seldom dream and when I do only sparse moments remain relatively vivid. My husband on the other hand has dreams that he says are so real he sometimes cannot tell the dream from reality. Weird, huh?

  2. I go through phases, at times remembering my dreams for many nights running but then I hit a dry spell where I don’t remember my dreams or even if I’ve had any, which is where I am right now. Thankfully this is still better than some of the violent dreams of my past. However, I would love to awaken from a dream-filled night with ideas bursting forth (sigh).

  3. I just finished reading a medical thriller by a fellow blogger, and I dreamed last night that she and I worked together to save a man’s life. This happens to me a lot, where my dreams are connected to something that happened to me that day, but of course they’re much more dramatic than what happened in real life.

    • Of course, lol! Seriously I’ve always used dreams more or less as a guide with much of my creative writing/art, so I get the more dramatic aspect. I’m not surprised that your dreams are this way, you are one very creative person, but you know that already! 🙂

  4. sometimes I dream that it is Monday morning and I still haven’t done my homework..then I wake up and thank God! School is a thing of the past:)) a very insightful post. Thank you, Penny

    • Great trailer. Rad and cool. The key here re: movie and “inception” is finding the focal point. at which reflections diverge and thus proceed to diffusion. Otherwise no control, as I think what probably occurs with the character in this movie! Excellent, thanks for the share Charlie! 🙂

            • I look forward to viewing it, but Charlie something you should know, I’ve felt the heartbeat of the planet for most of my life, it does give me an edge on things. Mostly, not always but I can usually forecast where a move, plot in a book, what people think or say in the real world are going to go next! Spooky but I’ve lived with it long enough that I’m somewhat comfortable with being able to extrapolate alternatives and probabilities. The movie I think I will enjoy, again my thanks! 🙂

                • Yes I understand now, but as a kid it sucked, as an adult for a period of time it sucked (because you have to figure out what in the “f…” is up with this whole mind thing and what are you supposed to do with it and why. I know now and am at peace with same. Thank you for understanding…few do! 🙂

                    • I’m not sure I can. There are times when the words come, (the direction’s) presents themselves and like lightning speed I can access what I need to know or say or do. How does one explain that and to what purpose Charlie? I did just try to write a few words for you and then erased them. I don’t think I can, perhaps I’m fearful of doing so?

                    • That’s a solid point. Some I can speak openly to, you are obviously one of them, It is rather a relief when we communicate because my mind seems to naturally open up (sort of a pleasant high and I can compute -think – as fast as I desire). It’s the wording, you see, and the reference points and the vibrations that I try to modulate? For needed impact and maximum assimilation? Do you understand this my friend! Consequences matter now.

                    • Extend the application of (a method or conclusion, esp. one based on statistics) to an unknown situation by assuming that existing…: “results extrapolated to other groups”; “it is always dangerous to extrapolate from a sample”
                      Estimate or conclude (something) in this way: “attempts to extrapolate likely human cancers from laboratory studies”.

                    • Sorry, real time removed me from our online discussion (it is late in the afternoon here right now – can be busy). I used an inappropriate word to ask you a question. I should have just said “understanding what situations like this?” as I didn’t understand well your specific reference point. However, I will endeavor to see if there is a method that I can use to present/share this topic! In the meanwhile I do look forward to your next blog post! 🙂

  5. There are some dreams that have stayed in my mind for years. The earliet dream that I recall I was a kid in elementary school. Well – maybe more like a nightmare. There are some good ones that have left a lasting imprint in my mind too though.
    xx 🙂 🙂 xx

    • Some of my dreams do stay in my mind forever just like yours do, Rosy. And a lot of songs with the words “dream” in them as well! Here’s one just for you!

      , sweet dreams my friend! 🙂 xx

  6. I remember one of my dreams, a bad one, from last night, and it really broke my heart. But thankfully it was just a bad dream, and something I know would never happen. On the whole I remember bits of my dreams, and they usually have a similar theme. Or they have for the last couple of months.

    On the whole, dreams can be uplifting, and they can tell you about yourself. Sometimes they can also be a glimpse of a possible future.

  7. I often dream whole stories with vivid scenes (in colour), characters, and conversations. Some of the best science fiction and fantasy stories I’ve written, have started out as dreams. Perhaps my husband’s snoring in the background helps summon up all the strange creatures!

  8. I read somewhere, some time ago that the last thing you think of before you fall asleep is what you will dream about so your advice regarding songs, poems – good stuff.
    Personally, I rarely recall my dreams but when I do I notice that while they are in different settings the main characters don’t change.
    And yes they are in colour!

    • I kinda’ guessed your creative boundaries would have no limits marina. It’s right there in your artistry and your manner of expression. I love it. of course! 🙂 Happy November to you also dear friend! 🙂 xxx

  9. AnElephantCant possibly tell Penny
    What he dreams about every night
    Some dream are quite sweet
    And others real neat
    But to share them would give your readers a fright

    Because not everybody likes peanuts
    Some folk are allergic it seems
    So he keeps it real close
    But there is a vision a ghost
    He hopes that one day she’ll step out of his dreams

    • Good Morning my friend. I hope you continue to be on the mend. It seems to me that dreaming is a fairly personal thing, going on inside our head as it does. But thinking lovely and positive thoughts may re-enforce the good things a person would like to happen, at least I think that may be true. Hope you have a good day today Len, you are in my prayers and positive thoughts Len! Penny, xx

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