This is one of my earliest posts, not too many of you have seen this, just wanted to share about my special guys!

The Why About This

“By extension the animals that share my life enrich my soul” Penny L Howe

I have had two cats and boon companions for the last 4 years Franky and Jonny.

Franky and Jonny came into my life four years ago when they were just barely 6 weeks old. They are brothers. I saw their mom and she was a normal sized cat, weighing in at maybe 9 lbs or so. These guys started out as very little.

And then they began to grow. And grow. And grow! My last visit at the vet Franky weighed in at 21 lbs. and Jonny at 28 lbs. According to the Vet they have a larger skeletal frame than most domestic cats meaning that their dad was probably a larger breed of cat than the norm. No kidding! lol

For whatever the reason they are large. Jonny is a little pudgy. He eats when he gets nervous. Franky who is clearly the…

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