This is not an Awww moment…but you’ll laugh!

“Can those cute little kitties do this! I think not!”

This cat is thinking the following “Okay so I get that those pictures of kitty cats are cute…but can they do this … touch their tongue to their nose while closing one eye at the same time … I think not!” (All cats seem to have that quality of disdain don’t they!)

Enjoy the moment and I hope this brought a smile to your face,

Thanks for the visit today!

~ Penny

29 thoughts on “This is not an Awww moment…but you’ll laugh!

  1. So that’s a cats flirting face, I had often wondered about that. Not that I was hoping a cat would flirt with me, that’s why i carry a book to avoid the amorous cats. Honest.

    • No, Just a wonderful photo I discovered. We’re full up on cats in this house! Re: the other issue you and I have been speaking on Barb, I have an additional thought (a good one) and will pass it along in an email to you dear friend!

  2. True that kitty-cat. And – I just tried it – not even close. Probably would have given you a good meow watching me try it though.
    xx πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ xx

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