Awww … and Reading Inspiration too!

Reading – the foundation to learn upon!

I love this picture!

Reading words became my learning foundation when I was 4 years old. I had difficulty hearing as a child so I was taught to read early (actually my mother taught all of us to read early, she felt it was important.).

My imagination happily took flight when I would get lost inside the the story of a book and when not reading I would daydream and imagine all sorts of wonderful things as a child.

Reading books is a very good thing for children. Based on my own personal experience I cannot encourage you enough to encourage children to read books. There are electronic formats now, in abundance.

And these are good too. They can be used to further encourage children to use, write and read words. Word power is the thing.

The more words a child knows the more he/she is able to learn.

Education is the key to a better future. Word knowledge is the main foundation for education.


Share, be involved and encourage children to read. This is Good!

This is very good!



A Child Reading ~ Our Future!

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~ Penny


34 thoughts on “Awww … and Reading Inspiration too!

  1. The best gift I receive is a book. My house is full of them. I am thakful that my first boy is an avid reader. I however cannot get the second and last to read as much and it worries me so.

    • To each their own I believe. My daughter loves to read, my son not so much, yet every now and then (in his busy schedule) he’ll mention a book he has read, so I think for each it’s a personal choice. Just keep encouraging (which I know you do), with my son I (and his teachers) introduced him to books where the subject matter was what he was already interested in which led him to a few others, not a lot, but a few! Small successes. πŸ™‚

  2. I’m not sure my nieces and nephews appreciated many of the gifts of books I gave when they were young but they are avid readers now so I hope in some small way I had a positive influence.

    • I agree completely and it is a good format for future reference as well. Being comfortable with visuals is very important when first learning to read. And let’s face it, as of right now it is the future. That doesn’t rule out the importance or need for books but to recognize that the electronic medium is but another tool to be effectively utilized for becoming educated! Thanks Amy I love your input!

    • It can be a trick, if the subject matter is something a child is interested in that can be helpful sometimes. Good luck, I’m thinking you’ll come up with something that works for both of you!

  3. I love this post and could not agree with you more! My two youngest learned to read at 31/2 & 4. I would have taught my oldest one early, too, if I’d known how easy it was. But it mainly depends on their interest, as you don’t want to turn them off of reading. My younger ones were totally into it and ready. It is an experience we all treasured very much. We still make jokes about the silly stuff we read and did during lessons! All three love to read. So do their parents…
    Blessings ~ Wendy

    PS – Love that bookworm kitten!

    • Thanks Wendy, I’m not a bit surprised about hearing this from you. Your love of family shines through your words on your posts my friend, and I love it! Sending affection your way, Penny xx

  4. I agree, reading is important. Education is important. The problem I have in this new school though is that many of the parents don’t think this way. Some of them send their children to school once a week, or sometimes not at all that week. Sigh.

    • That does make it difficult. The thoughts I would share is do what you can for each child in what ever way works for the circumstances and situation. Not easy but I’m guessing you’ll have some successes. Sigh, it is sad though. I think that’s what each of us can do, think positive, be creative and then do the best we can (and then let it go! and remember to be good to yourself in there somewhere too, my friend!) ~ always take care of you, you’ll do a better job then helping others, Penny xx

  5. My daughter has just (thankfully) started reading at home. Before it was a case of “Why should I read at home, I read at school”. After her mother tried to convince her she was dyslexic – and it’s a lot harder to try to teach someone they are NOT dyslexic when they are told that they are. She has been reading e-books so I am planning on buying her a Kindle for Christmas this year. At least she will be reading πŸ™‚

    Love the kitten

  6. Love that cat photo. πŸ™‚ Yes, I agree with you that reading is so important, and I spent so much time, first reading to my children, and then when they were a bit older, teaching them to read. I loved books from a very early age.

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