Looking for Love in all the Right Places


Don’t all of us look for love, in some way or other? I think we do.

I believe with a quick reference to multimedia here, that while commercialism is certainly in the mix, whether we go online and “search”, or twitter, facebook, blog, or a variety of interactive things in the everyday world we are looking for love. To be loved and love in return. It is important.

Noone should be or feel unloved. Noone, Ever! So my piece today references the search for Love



I searched for love the world at large

I searched both day and night.

I looked and looked so very hard

but could not get it right.

And then I loved (because I could)

And shared myself therefore …

And then much to my own surprise

Love knocking on my door.

“Why do you come here”, this I said

With wonder in my eyes.

I couldn’t find you … there was dread

That Love would be denied.

Love bowed its most magestic head

And wisely said to me.

“Love returns to your homestead

When given out for free.”

“I’m always there, so close – nearby

You only had to care.

Loving pathways light the skies

I come each time you share.”

“Give freely of the love you have

Give freely onto all.

Love will always be returned

I come when I am called!”

~ Penny L Howe, 2012


Love, the most important word on the planet – pass it on!

Thank you for visit, may your day be filled with love!

~ Penny

Copyright Β© 2012 by Penny l Howe

46 thoughts on “Looking for Love in all the Right Places

  1. I enjoy the images you mix with your poems. I think this is a medium that is under appreciated even though we use it more and more in the computerized world. I try to do this with stories when I can. You do this beautifully..

    • Thanks Yordie, I do appreciate your compliment. I must confess, when I first began to seriously blog, a whole 4-5 months ago lol, It was mostly words and then my marketing background started to remind me of the power of images, and little by little I started adding to the mix. It is fun and I think/hope it adds to the piece being written. Again most sincere thanks my friend. I like the look of your blog/posts btw quite a bit actually!

      • I think imagery is a gift from the digital age. I like to read 100 word stories and there is one author who adds a Second Life image to each of her stories. In SL she can stage anything scene she wants praticially and it enhances the stories a great deal. I’ll be the great writers of the past would have been enticed by what can be done with imagery. Perhaps not. But when used well, I think we are creating a whole new form of story telling, poetry, news reporting… every type of writing. Cheers!

  2. Your imagery fits beautifully with your heartfelt poem. You are one of the true voices for good in this world. I agree with your commenters, you will always find love in this life as it is what you truly deserve. We all feel the love you send out to us, that which fills us up time and time again. Blessings to you dear Penny. πŸ™‚

  3. I feel the love of you come through your blog. And – I LOVE that! I keep coming back for my fix & LOVE being part of your blog-world!
    Love & Hugs
    xx πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ xx

    • Rosy, I LOVE you, for you brighten my day and make me smile each time you stop by. Something I look forward to, always! love and hugs received and returned! πŸ™‚ xox

  4. I always found that when I give of myself, then I find myself filled a hundred fold! Doesn’t matter whether it is love, kindness, compassion….giving of oneself, allows it to come back to you!

    The title of this reminded me of the time I lost my keys. No matter where I looked for them, I knew that they were sitting in the corner watching me look for them and laughing at my efforts. When one seeks something so hard, it will be in that corner with my keys. When you look in a distracted fashion, it will be right there in front of you, and it will be happy that you found them!

    Make sense? Hugs my friend – B

  5. How do you come out with such brilliant poetry?

    It’s amazing. And another great post Penny. I’ll reblog this tomorrow – I’ve reblogged one today don’t want people to think I’m playing favourites πŸ˜‰

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