Sometimes I ponder – The trending of it all!

When – What Then

When sands of time – cease to flow

When dreamers – cease to dream

When thinking thinkers – just don’t know

What then will come, what then.


When roaring rivers cease to flow

When laughter fades away

When breezy winds no longer blow

What then will come, what then.


If tomorrow isn’t there

And only now exists

Will my heart beat matter much

this moment to the next.

~ Penny Howe, 2012


Ponder this – if you will: Is staying on top of – tuned into – and gravitating towards the next big trend of things really all that important in life? Really? What do you feel, where are you trending … and is it where you want to be tomorrow?

Thanks for the visit, I hope that your tomorrows are all they can be!

~ Penny

Copyright Β© 2012 by Penny l Howe

59 thoughts on “Sometimes I ponder – The trending of it all!

  1. One thing I’ve learned from life is that nothing is guaranteed. Between this moment and the next your life can flip upside down. So I strive to live without regret; you may not have a second chance to tell your loved ones how much you love them, or to eat that metaphorical second slice of cake. Learned this lesson the hard way; am praying the lesson sticks.

    • Bupe I learned that one the really hard way also – 2 and a half years ago when on a little boys birthday, his dad and mom (happily married for 20 years) were busily planning his party when his dad ran a quick errand, in less than a heat beat it seems, just 5 blocks from home his dad was struck and killed by a careless motorist. The families lives devastated and changed forever (the dad had been an amazing family man). So you are right. Things can change in a moment, when you learn it the hard way, you tend not to forget my friend!

  2. Trends are much cheaper when you visit them years later after never having gone there the first time. Is time a trend? I follow that, especially while at work, I prefer my trends to be from way back when, much more interesting.

    • Now that is an interesting thought and approach. I relate to that sometimes myself. Do you suppose it’s because we are more comfortable there! Warm and cushy, a known entity and all that!

      • Yes, there is always something better about the known things, the nostalgia and the hindsight too. I had a thing for retro 80’s home computers a while back. Turns out everything can be downloaded in seconds and takes up a small amount of room on your hard drive. So naturally I started to get obsessed with all those old games of yesteryear and the nostalgia trip was massive. It made for one happy Ste J, even at 3 in the morning when i decided bed was a good idea.

  3. No trend follower here. I try to listen to what’s inside and focus on the present moment. Since I have begun to live this way, life is much more fulfilling. Beautiful poetry Penny from a most beautiful spirit. πŸ™‚

    • Thank you, yes I could have figured that one out myself LuAnn πŸ™‚ you definitely are no ones person but your own. Thanks again, your not so bad yourself you know! ;).

  4. Trend? hmm must check Websters for the definition. Oh OK now I have it nope don’t/won’t/shouldn’t/couldn’t be trendy. I am such a unique individual I just can’t follow or be like anyone else!

  5. I’m all about ‘the moment’ and I was going to leave a deep and meaningful comment, but it’s really hard to type, let alone focus on a serious comment having read the previous ones. Thank you for pleasuring us. LMAO!

    • Yeah a lot of laughter goes on here (commenters section) sometimes, not a bad thing but does make it difficult to share deep and meaningful responses lol.Of course every time I use those words now for awhile I’m going to recall these comments and either blush or laugh. Probably laugh now that I think about it. Seriously yes me too, all for the moment! My pleasure to please you too πŸ™‚ Laughing again.

  6. Such beautiful words, you have.
    Ironically when the time come for no tomorrow, we wouldn’t know. We are much too immersed in our past and present. Not to forget that the future, of course, is unpredictable.

  7. This is so unique to each one isn’t it?
    I -hopefully- follow my own flow. When i don’t …bad news! Even then though, I smile!
    Have a beautiful day with as beautiful tomorrows to follow dear!

    • I haven’t met you in the flesh, no that doesn’t sound quite right, um, So far we’ve only met in the virtual world of blogging (I am most hopeful that it is a reality one day however) but I think I can safely say Marina you most definitely follow the beat of your own drummer. And a magnificent one at that dearest friend. May your evening be filled with moonlight and your tomorrow a bright sunny day. Much affection your way, πŸ™‚

      • Awww, Penny you make me all emotional now!
        All your kind words have reached like a reassuring [much needed] soft breeze and I’m sure that because of them, it will be so my dear friend! Thank you from my heart.
        PS: …as YOU graciously follow your unique and shinning beat!
        xxxxxxxxxxx[many of them]

        • Thanks Marina (big smile here – huge!) I think those are heartbeats. I’m guessing going with the beat of my heart seems to be my thing! With a few it is special to me … Thank you again, πŸ™‚ xoxoxo

  8. AnElephantCant help agreeing
    Things are not always as important as they seem
    But he also must say
    He can’t imagine a day
    When sweet dreamers will cease to sweet dream

    Your poem is quite exquisite.

  9. Interesting question. We all think that we are unique in our thinking, yet I find that we are prone to group think, even those like me who take pride in being independent thinkers. You have given me something upon which to reflect – which, as you will find, gives me great pleasure…

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