We all need beauty to thrive …

The beauty of a flower

We really do need beauty in our lives. Recently a well know and successful composer was interviewed about how he felt about events taking place around the world today. And how his country (not the U.S.A. although he spent quite a few years here) and the planet and its people might be improved upon.

His answer: We lack beauty today. He was referring first to architecture and then later on music and other things, where so much is commercialized or produced for a monetary value that beauty can become artificial, secondary or not there at all. I thought about this and decided he might have a point.

We do need beauty to thrive:


The beauty of nature


The beauty created by the human hand


The beauty of a sleeping child


The beauty of a well sung song


The beauty of a well spoken/written word


The beauty of a deed


The beauty of movement


The beauty you view or create


Each of us without exception, whatever our perceived shortcomings and real handicaps being dealt with daily have the ability to notice and produce beauty in the moment. This is true. Always.

Take the time to not only smell the rose, but also to view it from a perspective of beauty, your soul will thank you!

Thank’s for your visit, may your upcoming weekend flow with beauty and joy!

~ Penny

The Lemmings Express – Awwwfully Interesting!

Awww-fully Interesting – Group Mentality!

Lemming is the name for a number of small, plump animals related to the mouse. Lemmings live in the cold, northern most parts of our world. One of the most well-known kind – the Norway lemming – lives in the lands of Scandinavia. I’m Norwegian so cast no aspersions here.

This little guys grow from 31/2 to 7 inches (9 to 18 centimeters) long. They live for about 2 years.

About every four years, in most cases resulting from overpopulation, the number of Lemmings in the wild become greatly reduced.

Scientists believe severity of winters, diseases, and behavioral changes due to “stress” trigger these extreme die-offs.

Some people believe that large groups of Lemmings throw themselves from cliffs. But Lemmings do not deliberately kill themselves.

Lemming suicide is fiction. They do not periodically hurl themselves off the edge of a cliff. What is not fiction is that as a result of population explosions, Lemmings do attempt to migrate to other areas to relieve the pressure.

During the course of the migration (because of being so closely grouped together), they can fall over cliffs or drown in waters.

These are not deliberate deaths but rather the result of a Lemming’s (group mentality here – staying with the herd) venturing into unfamiliar territories and being crowded and pushed over dangerous ledges.

The truth of the matter is when the competition for food, space or partners becomes too intense, Lemmings are more likely to kill each other than to kill themselves!

Now if anyone is thinking that there is a play on words here and that this is a veiled reference, a hidden meaning – BINGO you win!, Metaphorically speaking of course! GOT IT? Thought so!

Thanks for the visit, have a great day by being “that very special unique and separate from the crowd person” that you truly are!

~ Penny