A Strong Woman

What is a strong woman today?


She is many things. She is an accepter of greater truths. Truths not spoken but understood. That is to say she absorbs experiences into her very being and waits to understand what the truth of this experience really means to her. And then she moves forward. Never backward. She knows she may fail. She understands this and when she does…

She gets up when she falls down…

She get’s up when she falls down …

She get’s up when she falls down.


She accepts responsibility for herself. She holds herself accountable for her actions. She is her own person. She belongs to no-one but herself.


She understands that often she is the glue that binds, in the home, In her work, In her community, In her church, In her work, in her world.


She cares. She understands that no one may quite understand her motivations in what she is doing, but that is okay because she knows.

She is not alone any more. She knows this now. She knows that on this planet called earth, females make up almost half of the human population.

And every single female who is growing up is sharing the learning experience of life with her.

She is the making of her own future predicated on the past of those before her. She is prepared. She is ready.

She is passion. She is love. She is life. She is what she is … A strong woman.


And she’s passing the message along, like I am today!

~ Penny




Why am I Smiling?

Why am I Smiling?

The purpose of my smiling exists on several levels.

First of all I am only one of a small handful of “Perfect Predators”. My species has existed since long long before you were even an idea. That all by itself is enough to make me smile.

Second and more to the point (and these are all true use your “googler” and check for yourselves!) I have some awesome capabilities and apart from my species being several hundred million years old I can …

  • … go 2-3 years without eating (well maybe a snack or two)
  • … move exceedlngly fast if needed (30 mph)
  • … and do live mostly in warm sunny weather (nice, huh!)
  •  … but rarely kill humans (not worth the effort actually, you’re busy killing us off however, just saying!)
  • … regrow any tooth I loseI And I have many so no dentures needed and that’s handy!
  • … and am a very very very good Mommy!


With specific reference to the last one. I am an excellent mother. An important thing to remember. You do not want to mess with my babies, ever!


As a female alligator I pretty much has control over things – except for the men killing me off so I am currently on the endangered species list in most of the areas where my kind live!

I am so not smiling about that.


So there you are! I smile because in almost every way I am a perfect specimen for what I am – A cold blooded reptile (scientifically known to be of the ectotherm category which means that while I do not directly control my bodies temperature I can change my environment to my satisfaction which does affect my bodies temperature – handy that!)

Also smiling is a very good thing, Always!


Thanks for stopping by, I hope you enjoyed this fun light-hearted approach to making us a little more aware of the current plight of one of mother nature’s entire species. For more specific information and how you can help. click on this link STOP EXTINCTION! Just a part of our (human) responsibility!

~ Penny