A Strong Woman

What is a strong woman today?


She is many things. She is an accepter of greater truths. Truths not spoken but understood. That is to say she absorbs experiences into her very being and waits to understand what the truth of this experience really means to her. And then she moves forward. Never backward. She knows she may fail. She understands this and when she does…

She gets up when she falls down…

She get’s up when she falls down …

She get’s up when she falls down.


She accepts responsibility for herself. She holds herself accountable for her actions. She is her own person. She belongs to no-one but herself.


She understands that often she is the glue that binds, in the home, In her work, In her community, In her church, In her work, in her world.


She cares. She understands that no one may quite understand her motivations in what she is doing, but that is okay because she knows.

She is not alone any more. She knows this now. She knows that on this planet called earth, females make up almost half of the human population.

And every single female who is growing up is sharing the learning experience of life with her.

She is the making of her own future predicated on the past of those before her. She is prepared. She is ready.

She is passion. She is love. She is life. She is what she is … A strong woman.


And she’s passing the message along, like I am today!

~ Penny




61 thoughts on “A Strong Woman

  1. A few years back I prepared to take my dear departed friend Barbara to a medical procedure in which she would be given a local anesthetic. Given that she was so ill, we all knew the risks involved so I asked the delicate question “Is your will in order?”, knowing she would understand if no one else did. I was shocked to learn that she did not have one at all so I scurried around, with her help, and constructed one from the internet for her, having it notarized at the hospital before she went in for her procedure. Her husband (Pete), also a friend, seemed to be ok with this but I never knew for sure. I knew a couple of other friends felt a little “squishy” about what I had done.

    Last night I received an email from Pete telling me what a godsend I was and how drafting these legal documents has made his life going forward so much easier so he felt he needed to share how much he appreciated me.

    We women many times know the difficult things that need to be done and take the bold risks, even under scrutiny and criticism. Pete’s touching email was a reminder to me to continue to step up and do what is right. Thanks for this great post Penny. 🙂

    • That was such a loving and generous thing for you to do LuAnn. Yes I do agree, when that unexpected thank you does happen, it is very fulfilling and sometimes surprising as well, but we see what needs to be done as you said and do it for that purpose. Thank you for sharing this, another reminder of the nature of strong women – like you dear friend! 🙂

    • Thank you Celestine. That is true for everyone, yes. And each day is a new day for us to make of it what we can, I think we women do remarkably well in that area (when all is said and done!) my dear friend! 🙂

  2. You are so right Penny. You have a great post here allowing each one of us to measure ourselves against a metric and finding where we fall short. What you have said holds true not only for women but men too.



  3. So So beautiful Penny. As a mom of daughters and a woman who keeps falling down and getting up ~ i wholeheartedly appreciated this. Sisterhood is huge ~ and universal ~ thank you for sharing such a sensitive post that will empower many today ~ men and women alike!
    Much Love dearest friend ~ R

    • Thank you bestest buddy. I know you know about the “getting up again” routine. I think that more than ever today more women in more places openly relate to other women and their experiences and I do believe that is a driving force for all of us today, in a very good way. And most definitely it is for both men and women as we rethink how we view ourselves and our natures. Thank you Robyn, always love your comments (whole bunches), take care of you, my dear friend ~ Penny xox

  4. Too often we/I think of a strong person/woman as being one that has no problems or upsetting times. No adverse
    experiences. No down emotions. We/I think a strong person just has some innate ability to overcome or cope with unfairness or hardship.

    Of course this is not true. There is something…I don’t know what…that allows some to have those qualities and do those things you write about. I wish it could be bottled and spritzed on when needed.

    • I could have used the spritz bottle myself. In my case I’m thinking love of someone other than myself and anger have been the two constants in my life that helped me get back up again! Thank you Meme your words are always so wise.

    • Sometimes getting up after several nasty falls can be rather difficult, still it’s always worth the one more time approach … even when one feels very alone and quite empty inside in that moment, that’s when it’s really worth that extra time that you pull from somewhere deep inside! Thank you, Penny

      • when i was in my early 40’s, i attempted to water ski after many years of not skiing. it probably took twenty attempts, but i finally got that ski up and planed out, and i skied for a long time. late rmy son (who was in the boat) said that my husband asked, ‘do you think she wants to get back in the boat?’ and my son answered, ‘no, she will get up or drown…’

        oh yes, it was worth that extra time!


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