Penny’s Petulant Pencil

Positively Peevish!

Yes it can happen to anyone creative…especially me.

So there I was going about my business working diligently on my sketch for the winter fairy that I have faithfully promised for a winter posting and my pencil will not cooperate. Nope not at all. The word petulant means the following things:

  • testy – pettish – peevish – irritable – cantankerous – sulky – bad tempered.
Well as you can see my pencil decided to be all of those things today. So all I have for this Penny Post is a Petulant Pencil to show for it!Β Although the words do have a nice ring to them! Like a tongue twister –
Penny’s Positively Peevish Petulant Pencil Post! Say that fast three times!πŸ™‚
Have a good day today, a better one tomorrow and take the time to have a little fun too!
~ Penny

Another Piece of My Artistic Life


While living in New York (Long Island) I worked for a small studio that did independent creative jobs for both movies and broadway plays (both off broadway and on broadway). The toughest artistic job I did was recreating (by hand) a backdrop for a stage setting (the backdrop was large maybe 8m by 4.5m, hard to recall exactly but huge). I drew and then painted the famous Disney Castle.

This was challenging because of the size. (I received permission to use the floor of a two story mall when it was closed at night).

I used a grid approach making a grid over my small sketch, and then created the grid over the large cloth backdrop and did one section of grid at a time to replicate.

Then I painted the whole thing. As I was doing my work on the first floor of a large multi-storied mall, I would then race up to the second level and look over the railing to get an actual perspective of how the castle looked at a distance.

This worked well and I got a lot of exercise too, which helped keep me awake all night (tight deadline) – Lol!

The most fun I had in New York was attending my first opening night party for a Broadway show.

If you can imagine I showed up in a modest but tailored outfit (brushed suede, ivory in color) hopefully dressed well enough, because both the actors/actresses and the special guests –rich patrons who funded the show) were dressed to the nines. My hair was/is blonde, and at that time, very long and straight. I hung out with the stage crew and tried to look inconspicuous. All the glitz and glamour was quite overwhelming.

I must have looked okay because at one point a lady, obvious a rich patron, walked over to me with pen and paper in hand (ready to get an autograph) and asked me β€œAre you Someone?”

The director was nearby and became insulted on my behalf. He slipped an arm around me (he had never spoken to me before as I was just one of the many support people in the background during the production of the play) and said very loudly β€œOf course, she’s some one!”

I don’t think I’ll ever forget the indignation on his face (I pretty much just wanted to disappear into the floor at this point, lol))

But she asked and I gave her my autograph. It was funny and fun later that evening (when it was just cast and crew), I took quite a ribbing with everyone asking me how it felt to be β€œsomeone”. I loved working with and around all the creativity. It was great fun!

Thanks for stopping by, I hope you enjoyed my post ~ remember to live in the moment, they make for great memories ~ Penny