Penny’s Petulant Pencil

Positively Peevish!

Yes it can happen to anyone creative…especially me.

So there I was going about my business working diligently on my sketch for the winter fairy that I have faithfully promised for a winter posting and my pencil will not cooperate. Nope not at all. The word petulant means the following things:

  • testy – pettish – peevish – irritable – cantankerous – sulky – bad tempered.
Well as you can see my pencil decided to be all of those things today. So all I have for this Penny Post is a Petulant Pencil to show for it!Β Although the words do have a nice ring to them! Like a tongue twister –
Penny’s Positively Peevish Petulant Pencil Post! Say that fast three times! πŸ™‚
Have a good day today, a better one tomorrow and take the time to have a little fun too!
~ Penny

30 thoughts on “Penny’s Petulant Pencil

    • Thanks Robyn, there is a lot of activity both on and off the internet right now in my life! Not bad, just busy dearest friend. And it has turned cold 20-30s at night, so a hot bath sounds just wonderful actually! I’ll work on the kind part too – as you know always easier to give advice than remember to do it yourself! lol, much love and affection ~ as always ~ Penny xxoxx

  1. I said it with difficulty a couple of times, then managed to say it without problems … yay πŸ˜€

    Give it a couple of hours and I probably won’t even be able to start it πŸ˜‰

  2. Most assuredly a tongue twister, so today might be a day for Miss Penny to relax with a good bok a cup of something warm, or a mani-pedi sounds about right too ….go for something nice for yourself you deserve it! Love xx

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