Thinking inside out of the Box!

The Cereal Box Doll Bed™

So once upon a time there was a person (me) who noticed that all little girls everywhere had fashion type dolls of a certain size ( a very famous fashion doll), a little bit less than a foot in length (.305 meters). There were/are all sorts of plastic accessories that a person could buy for these dolls but this person (me) noticed that mostly the dolls ended up in the toy box.

Being imaginative this person (okay so you know who it is now lol) decided to come up with an idea for a doll bed that any child with the help of a parent could make (from throw away things found around the house) and then have fun using the bed to play with her fashion dolls.

It took quite awhile for this person to figure out what materials to use and then write directions and create both patterns and a template for the bed, but she did. The frame for the bed takes about an hour to construct.

The Cereal Box Doll Bed™

It is made from 2 cereal boxes, cut and folded in a certain way and then secured with tape and covered with cloth. All the items used to make the Cereal Box Doll Bed™ can be found around most houses everywhere.

The bedding can be leftover cloth material or cut from recycled clothing. The bedspread in the first photo was made using yarn, for most women this is also found around the house. Then came simple and quick ways to make some other pieces of furniture from throw away empty containers (the chair is from a 2 liter bottle – takes about 30 minutes to make).

So what happened to these ideas? As what seems to happen to many of her ideas, life intruded so she put the idea, the template and the instructions away for another time.  Perhaps someday…

Thanks for stopping by, remember creativity is always at hand to brighten your day,

~ Penny

Copyright © 2012 by Penny l Howe

27 thoughts on “Thinking inside out of the Box!

    • Yes, some habits die hard. If one spends too many years in professional marketing the trademark, registry mark, patent or copyright is a given when something is uniquely yours, even though in the internet world one knows anything can be easily stolen. As i said some habits linger on! Besides there are actually templates, directions, instructions etc, for these things so one never knows! 🙂

  1. I never played with real dolls much but I played with paper dolls. I never bought the store ones, but drew my own dolls and clothes. I would look at sewing books….(the old Simplicity Pattern Books) and get ideas from there for dresses.

    Then one day we moved and I had left my big box of paper dolls at a friend’s house. When I returned to retrieve them, the friend told me they got thrown out. I still grieve for those paper dolls. 😦 😦

    • Thank you, my idea at the time was to sell the directions and template for a few dollars and then donate all the money towards starving children funds around the world. The thought was that from what we perceive as waste might be turned into something of value (for children) both in the making of, their enjoyment playing with, and helping also. Again my thanks, Penny 🙂

  2. Crafty & custom made!

    Would you believe that I never owned a Barbie doll?
    (I didn’t like playing with dolls.)
    My sister on the other hand – had a population of them – LOL
    xx 🙂 🙂 xx

    • The funny thing, I was never a doll person myself, the idea of using throw away items to make something fun for kids to play with was what appealed to me. Just the creative end of things! 🙂 xox

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