Awww-lways nice to dream – Even better to experience!

Looking Out the Window in Wonder!

We all look out the (metaphorical) window of our dreams.

Don’t just look, experience! Even in rainy weather (lol)!

Thank you for your visit today, have a good one!

~ Penny

28 thoughts on “Awww-lways nice to dream – Even better to experience!

    • You also Dianne. I agree about windows. Also I finished your book, an excellent read. I have probably read many many hundreds of sci fi books in my life time, as a reference point (all genres) I loved yours! thank you very much. Penny

        • It is true really, you are good (trust me on this, I’ve read way too much not to know that when I’m enjoying a book so much I will wait half a day to respond to bloggers commenters so I can finish the book first lol. Between you and me (and anyone who reads this lol) I was hoping for a series on this one. The characters are delightful (Even the bad guys). Just my comments here, no need to respond again, enjoy the remainder of your weekend my friend! Penny πŸ™‚

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