Life – The Untangling of …



…a maze of complications.

So many distractions – everywhere today.

So much to do, places to go, things to accomplish.

It’s like trying to find your way through a complicated maze on many days. So many layers to filter through.

Multi-tasking does have it’s value. Organization also an excellent thing. But there is a point where attrition (a lessening of the quality of the endeavor) enters the mix.

Keep it simple but do quantify (measure the importance of things in your life). Goals sometimes demand sacrifice so be careful with what you choose to spend less time doing to reach your desired accomplishments.

That which we regret in life (we all have those) is hard to put our arms around. Both metaphorically and for real!

Is it worth the price? Yes sometimes hard choices. Always fall back on the important simple three things. Is it good/healthy for you? Does it make a positive difference to others. Does it add to your happiness? And no we can’t always have everything we want in life, but I think we can come a lot closer!

I wish you every success in your endeavors!


“Dream big, live bigger and love best!” Penny L Howe, 2012


A Maze Museum

A private thought here. When I feel like I’m caught up in the maze of life, I let my imagination go. My maze becomes a gigantic art museum that I browse through at my leisure, picking and choosing what moves me the most and then moving on. (Just a little bit of whimsy here lol!)

Thank you for visiting, have a very good day and a better tomorrow!

~ Penny

17 thoughts on “Life – The Untangling of …

  1. I’m always aMAZEd by your posts. They are so insightful & provoke much thought.
    Today was one of those days where we were busy, busy, busy. Hockey game, guitar lesson (rescheduled due to game time), figure skating lesson, cleaning & prepping areas for Christmas decorations coming up soon! πŸ™‚
    Oh – & laundry – of course!
    xx πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ xx

    • That’s all Rosy? Piece of cake (ha,ha,ha – did you notice the laughter was very dry humor! “A woman’s work is never done” – I’m guessing a woman said those words first, huh!) Good luck, hang in there, love your family and have fun in the doing of all… my dear special friend! πŸ™‚ xox

    • I heard that first from the Dalai Lama. I figured if anyone would know this, on our planet it would be him. So did the graduating class of students that were also there listening to him. πŸ™‚

  2. I belong somewhere (yes I do leave blogging every once in a while) and I kept seeing the post: KISS
    I finally had to ask and found it meant keep it simple stupid.

    Good advice but it doesn’t always work in life. I just try to not make a bigger mess of the ones I am in.

    I was trying to untangle a jewelry chain the other day. How it could have possibly get tangled just laying there for years….I don’t know.

  3. For some reason the idea of choices and measuring has me in mind of Doctor Who, but then sci fi is no bad things to be equated too. Whimsy is great, once again your accompanying images compliment and also make more magical your post. Just imagine if Theseus had had a tangle in his ball of thread, that would have been a travesty but not a mythtery. Haha, I amuse myself.

    • Yes you do, and others. Do you know the origins of the word “Myth”? the original general understanding of the word for myth was a true story verbally passed on, usually in the form of a legend … interesting that!

  4. AnElephantCant multi-task or organise
    This is possibly because he is a male
    He can’t tell right from left
    Flounders way out of his depth
    He might do better if he were a whale

    But, like Penny, he also has a museum of memories and dreams and imaginings to visit when he is discombobulated (or even just a bit spacy)

  5. Well that’s a good idea. Speaking of which … when I was having counselling about four years ago, I was taught meditation, and one of the tricks I was given, was to go into a house … there was other stuff I had to do to get there, but it’s long winded so I won’t go into that here … In the house were pictures on the wall. The idea was to choose a picture that I liked, and step into it. When you step in, you take the frame, and it allows you to step back out any time you wish.

    I still use that now sometimes. I will just summon several pictures in front of me and step into one. Although there is one that I use most often now.

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