Bubbles, Moments…The Nature of Happiness!

A Bubble

When one blows a bubble, it is known and understood that the ephemeral beauty of this floating bubble may be very short-lived. But then you also know you can blow another bubble and another and then multitudes, if you chose to. The nature of the bubble.


We watch with joy and pleasure during the process of the creation of a bubble, arising from pursed lips and the breath from our lungs to be encased inside.

The bubble floats gently into the air reflecting a multitude of iridescent colours – an oval mirror imaging the life around it.

Our breath encased in the fragile shell that will at any second pop and be gone..


Happiness…it happens this way in life too ~ doesn’t it?


The key to happiness is in our hands!


May your life be truly filled and encased with many moments of happiness.

Thank you for visiting me today,

~ Penny

16 thoughts on “Bubbles, Moments…The Nature of Happiness!

  1. Fabulous Fabulous writing here Penny — Love the imagery ~ mirroring life around us – encased breath – WOW ~ So enjoyed — and have ALWAYS been a huge fan of bubbles 🙂 xxoo Love all around ~ xo R

      • HI Penny,
        A good freind of mine told me about your site today and I am so excited because it’s so positvie! I’m looking forward to learning more about your thoughts.
        Megan M

        • Thank you Megan. And welcome. Yes, I plead guilty. I am a positive type of person. I think there is always a choice and this is the one that I choose to go with! Again sincere thanks from me ~ Penny

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