A Very Special Awww…

A personal one!

Today Maxima reminded us, with a beautiful written piece on his inspirational blog, that today is Universal Children’s day.

This special day was established by the United Nations in 1954 to encourage all countries to institute a day that would encourage mutual exchange and understanding among children and initiate action to benefit and promote the welfare of the world’s children.

It was also chosen as the day to celebrate childhood. And so I shall.

This year for Halloween, 10 year old Emma went trick or treating as a bunny, to me definitely an awww moment! And she did extremely well in the candy haul so she obviously made an adorable bunny!

Having said that, she also knows her priorities, so she is busy working on digital cartoon videos that she creates herself while learning about science (the science of things fascinate her) and remembering that she is strong also!

The picture quality is poor, but did want to point out that like many of our future women – she is strong inside and out! (this is her second year since the death of her father so she is doing well indeed, as are her older brother and sister)

And she asked me to add that she loves cats and taking photographs (she’s good) and of course giggles with her friends!

Children everywhere, in your home and around the planet, need love and encouragement in all that they do. Most definitely our job to see that this is accomplished.

I Hope today you hop right over any problems you encounter and make the time to spend quality time with your children! Always time enough for love!

~ Penny

Somethings are incomprehensible…

… and therefore exceedingly funny or scary depending on your interpretation.


If you are not a fan of the television series called Doctor Who, you are not going to have a clue of who or what this photo is.


They are the arch-enemy of the doctor. Who? The hero (main character) of the popular sci-fi TV show Doctor Who is “The Doctor” and his main protagonists are the beings in the photo.

They are the Daleks. Extraterrestrials (Cyborgs “genetically modified beings inside a mechanical shell”) who are bent on universal conquest and domination, utterly without pity,compassion or remorse. The only emotion they have is hate. Their favorite word is “Exterminate”.

Honestly if you look at the photograph they are not the least bit scary and if you watch the show, they are not the least bit scary either.


But their purpose for existence is scary. One I think about. Can a world that continues to focus on Hate or Indifference at the least, instead of Love and acceptance be so very different or far fetched than a funny looking mechanical being from outer space set on extermination!

Something to think about…yes?

~ Penny