The Music of Us … Listen!

Sound, Soul, Muse and Life…Isn’t it wonderful?


My joy, my love, my great pleasure to listen and embrace the creative moment where all comes together.




Enjoy …

… Isn’t life wonderful?


Street Music!


I love the countryside and feeling close to the earth, but I also enjoy the nature of city life. I used to have a studio loft in downtown Portland, Oregon. It was on Main street in the heart of the city.

The creative energy that can be found at night in the city can be awesome. ย Frequently I’d leave my windows open to listen to late night city sounds. and sometimes, something magical could be heard.

Thank you for visiting,

~ Penny

28 thoughts on “The Music of Us … Listen!

  1. We are much the same. We love being out in nature and exploring small towns but could be equally as content living in the city. At one time we had entertained living downtown in Portland.

    • Yes, you hail from there don’t you! I tell everyone that Portland is the only city I know of where if you ask someone for directions they will take the time to tell you sometimes even showing you where. At least it used to be that way! I hope it still is!

  2. I love street music. A few years back, my husband, son and I enrolled in a steel drum course. It was great fun – but what I didn’t know what that we would, at the end of the 6 week course, be performing on a busy, busy street in Vancouver Canada. This was not something that I signed up for!! But what an amazing experience to have people stop by to appreciate the music. Street musicians are truly remarkable – they give us the gift of music as we run about with our busy lives. Thank you so much for sharing!!

    • I enjoyed this one, and I would have absolutely adored hearing you guys play, steel drums make a most excellent sound! That had to be one wonderful experience for all of you!

  3. I love listening to the wind… or more specifically, the breeze amongst the leaves. If it’s a warm, sunny day in the spring or the summer, then I can usually get the full five senses experience… the wind and the warmth against my skin, the sound of the leaves whispering, the vibrant green of the grass, the scent of the flowers and – if I’m being creative LOL – the taste of whatever I’ve brought with me to eat and drink LOL

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