A Special Prayer for a Friend

There is a very special person I know. She lives a great distance away, an ocean and another continent separate us. But when we are in the world of blogging we become next door neighbors, exchanging creativity, thoughts and emotional connections.

Most recently she lost someone close to her and her family. It is in these moments that faith (all faiths) can be of great value to turn to for comfort.

The man singing this song (and his wife) had just lost his father and dedicated this song to him. All the voices you hear melding together are theirs – this is a prayer sung with great talent, total sincerity and much emotion).

With much love, respect and affection I gift this prayer to you my friend ~ Take care of you!


~ Penny

One Wish

The Perfect Wish

If you were one wish away

from a just perfect day

What wish – would you wish

just for you.


My wish, you can see

Would most obvious be

I’d wish – that your wish

would come true.


May your wishes become dreams and your dreams … reality!

~ Penny

Copyright © 2012 by Penny l Howe