Little Braveries … like your own!

That’s a hard word you know.

Braverybeing courageous!

Subjective too. We each view that word in a different way to some extent (as it relates to ourselves).

We all picture either warriors standing in a “warrior like” pose or a sole individual standing bravely against all odds (we all have our heroes in that regard) to illustrate bravery and yet bravery is a far more complex subject that each of us has to come to terms with everyday.


The little braveries we or others perform daily (to us may seem little) are often the biggest of all. Hard decisions, hard calls, tough choices, difficult tasks and so on.


Today give yourself and those you know a big hug and then look them in the eye and remind them that they are brave for all of their little braveries (the one’s we often take for granted).

* ~ *

I think it’s a good time for us to acknowledge these. They are what keeps us going! Many thanks and hugs to each of you with my love for your bravery this day!

~ Penny

14 thoughts on “Little Braveries … like your own!

  1. I often do “warrior” pose in yoga practice. There is something really strong about that pose… and it often gives me courage to hang on. Thank you for this important message — we all need to acknowldedge our warrior-within…. the human spirit is incredible this way ~ Love and more Love to you dearest Penny ~ xo R

    • Thank you Robyn! There is that warrior in there, amazingly strong actually, isn’t she? Please keep taking care of you – most special friend of mine, Much love returned to you this day ~ Penny xxooxx

  2. I am grateful that God gives me the courage and the strength to be brave in the storm of adversity I face each and every day. but more than that I see bravery in every man woman and child that rises each day from their beds with the willingness to go out and do what they have to do to learn, teach, work, serve, inspire and encourage. Al I can say is thank you. And thank you Penny for being one of those wonderful people that teaches, inspires and encourages all of us. Love (((xx)))

    • Thank you Len. I know how brave you are every day and what you cope with. I do know. Your positive attitude and spirituality on your blog, your kind and upbeat happy nature that you share with others when you comment on their blogs. You keep your own pain that you struggle through daily to yourself. Len you are one extremely brave woman and I am very lucky to know you and call you my friend, dear one, for I am blessed with the knowing of you. Thank you for your bravery today Len. With much love, Penny

  3. I was very brave today, Penny. I drove (a lot) and I haven’t driven in the country since we left here 12 years ago! I’m so used to freeways that it seems odd now getting onto country roads and avoiding tractors and animals πŸ˜‰

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