Definitely in the Wrong Place … Finale!


“Hey look, I don’t mean to keep being a nuisance … but have you noticed it getting a lot warmer in here?”

“Yes well, have you ever heard the saying ‘Out of the Frying Pan into the fire’?”

“Yes, it has a familiar ring.”

“Well, I believe we won’t be worrying about the ‘Out of’ part!”


I’m sorry but when I saw this photo it looked like the same two fish from my post of the other day and I just couldn’t help myself! For those who didn’t see the first “fish out of water” – the wrong place, Have a great weekend, Thanks for stopping by.

~ Penny

Light the way …

Light of Love

Light of Love


From Within to Without

Spread your love …  Share … one person at a time!


In the video Lindsey Sterling  (a talented and lovely human being),

spreads the  light of love with her violin playing and her choreography. Enjoy!



Have a great day and a better weekend!

~ Penny

penny l howe

We Stand Tall – Ignite the Light!

Own The Night

We … The Human Race

For all that we are … and are not

We stand tall!

For all that we do … and all that we don’t

We still stand tall!

We … make mistakes

We … mess up … BIG TIME!


But we stand tall!


We recover

We perservere

We don’t give up

Our spirit does not break.

We stand tall!

We are the family called the Human Race.

We will stumble and our forward steps are slow,

And many errors grievous

But we still stand tall.


There is Love.

There is Compassion.

There is Care.

There is Giving.

Sometimes, often it gets lost or misplaced,

or sadly forgotten,

but it is inside each of us

And for all of this

We stand tall!

We, the family of Humans

all living on

our home – the Planet Earth!


“We will own the night!”

~ Penny L Howe

penny l howe