Passionate whispers … I cannot ignore!

Passionate Longings

They call to me …

so enticing

the exotic, unknown flavors

I cannot Ignore.

I must explore.


The lure is overwhelming

every sense filled with a provocative longing.

I must respond  to my passion

which calls to me.


I find I am powerless to resist …

My longing

for the written word!


I Love Books!

I Love Books!


Thank you for the visit, have a relaxing weekend ~ Read a book!

~ Penny


36 thoughts on “Passionate whispers … I cannot ignore!

  1. I love to read and not just books. I read anything that’s a story, fanfiction, blog or manga. I find talented people everywhere yet discover that my country’s writers rarely write something interesting. Well, Ion Minulescu is the poem writer I like but besides that…hard to pinpoint one.

  2. Great advice. I’m reading 3 books as part of “research” for my NaNo novel I just finished. While I recommend reading a book, I don’t exactly recommend reading 3 simultaneously. 😉

  3. ahhh~ you had me wondering where this was going! Such a great and fun post Penny ~ Loved it — and yes — nothing like a hot date with a great book!! xo Hugs dearest friend!!

  4. i love it and feel your pain! i try to stockpile books before the rainy season, and they they tempt me like finely-wrapped chocolates and say, ‘read me, read me, read me,’ and i have to chant, ‘no, no no, i must wait til the rains begin!’
    if i open the book, i’m worthless until the final sentence!

    • Me too re: the final sentence and actually with reference to the chocolates, it was a close call, I almost made my passionate whispers “Chocolate” I even have the photo ready, but books won out. But after I published this post I did go have a piece of delicious chocolate. lol

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