When to Learn from Children … and when to Guide!


Mother Teresa and her children

Mother Teresa and her children

One of my heroes in life is Mother Teresa of Calcutta … A Nobel Peace Prize recipient which is well deserved, but not the reason she’s one of my heroes. She lived what she believed and spread love and hope where ever she was.

She never “knew” how “important” she was and became, because in her mental and emotional world it did not exist. Through word, deed and action she became the embodiment for what many millions would wish to be. Selfless and loving, caring for the poorest of the poor.

When it came to children. She cherished them with a grace of love that is tremendous in its scope.

Daily she would rise early with happiness and expectation of enjoying her life and it’s challenges and she’d carry that spirit forth with her into her days spent with children.


Children give truly from the heart, they embrace life with an overwhelming fullness that is at times awesome in it’s intensity.

Mother Teresa felt that gift from so many children and she in turn embraced that and only stepped in to correct (not the enthusiasm) but behavior that might be harmful to these children as they grew.

happy children

Happy Children

A story told in her own words: ” I have learned how to love with great love from a little child in Calcutta. Once, there was no sugar and I do not know how that little Hindu child four years old heard in the school that Mother Teresa had no sugar for her children.

He went home and told his parents, “I will not eat sugar for three days: I will give my sugar to Mother Teresa.”

His parents had never been to our house before to give anything, but after three days they brought him. He was so small, and in his hand there was a little bottle of sugar. How much can a four-year-old child eat? But the amount he could have eaten for three days, he brought. He could scarcely pronounce my name, but yet he gave and the love he put in the giving was beautiful.

I learned from that little one that at the moment we give something from the heart it becomes infinite!” Mother Teresa, 1910 – 1997


We should know when to learn from children and when to guide. The gifts they give us are priceless, the direction in which we guide them is how we return their gift of love! Always” ~ Penny L Howe, 2012


27 thoughts on “When to Learn from Children … and when to Guide!

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  2. A truly beautiful story Penny. At what point in our lives do we lose that childlike selflessness and wonder? Imagine a world where we all carried this selfless concern for all other life always.

    • I can you know LuAnn, the beauty or sadness is I can, I always could. Sigh, but you are right it would be an amazing world wouldn’t it? I’ve spent much of my life trying to turn the emotions volumn down on what I cannot comprehend and now I just want to do the best I can to make a difference in a good way! One day at a time, as I can. Thank you for being a sincere friend! One can never have too many of those. 🙂 xx

  3. Such a touching and meaningful story… this is such a good example of what we come equipped to be (soul-wise) … if we could only hold onto the pure love of a child’s heart for a lifetime… Would be my wish for man/woman-kind if I could make one ! Love this Penny ~ xo hugs to you…:)

    • Thank you Robyn. I also would wish this. Much love to you, hope all is going okay, looking forward to an update perhaps soon on how all is proceeding? As you can dearest friend. many hugs also, xxxxxxxx 🙂

  4. Your words reached deep into the heart with this one! Penny, go back to lgyslaine! Leave a comment to join the Sisterhood of World Bloggers. If you rather not select others and complete the questions, etc., that is OK. I will still link back to your blog. I love your writings.

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