Nuts and Poetry – works for me!

squirrel reading poetry

Hey this book is pretty good it’s filled with poems about nuts.

Ode to a Nut

The nuttiest nut I ever saw

was one I never had

And though I tried my best to save

It ended up going bad.


Nuttier than Usual

If never I see another nut

How happy I shall be,

for every single one I find

does not belong to me.


It seems that life is most unfair

Why can’t just one be mine,

But no it always seem to be

It’s never mine – its thine!


The Stash

I’ve hidden a whole stash of nuts

Noone knows where they are

But even if they do get found

They won’t go very far.


You see I rigged a trap inside

Each nut that’s in my stash

So when somebody tries to eat

Instead they will get thrashed!


When I show up, retrieve my nuts

I’ll offer them a share.

Had they just asked, I’d have given them

you see because I care.


Definitely a nutty day today ~ And yes there is a hidden message or moral in each poem if you can figure each of them out! lol!

Thank you for visiting me I hope your day is not as nutty as this post, but do take time to have some fun!

~ Penny

penny l howe

33 thoughts on “Nuts and Poetry – works for me!

  1. This is fantastic, I love the poem and I adore the picture, I do so love squirrels and a squirrel with a red book wow! This made my “nutty ” day today Thanks for the fun Penny! Ute x

    • Thanks Ute, Being a little silly, I saw the photo of the squirrel and he just was posed as if he should have a book in his hand so I gave him one and then I had to have him reading something so I wrote a few poems re: nuts. it was fun. I do love squirrels, they’ll come up and hold my hand while they take a peanut from it, they are so sweet!

    • Thanks David, I do try to be, life is filled with adventures, I guess it’s how we interpret them within ourselves that decides how we’ll feel after each adventure is over! So a cumulative effect perhaps. Again sincere thanks! πŸ™‚

  2. AnElephantCant begrudge a squirrel
    A couple of bags of peanuts
    But if they get greedy
    And leave him feeling greedy
    He will be tempted to kick their wee butts

    Now most folk will understand here
    AnElephant doesn’t look for a quarrel
    He believes fair’s fair
    He is happy to share
    He thinks that is Penny’s poem’s moral

  3. i enjoy being nuts sometimes… just hopefully not all the time or I’ll be worried every time I hear a siren in case they will take me in and bring me to the mental institution.. πŸ™‚

    • Ah the happy place, there was a song a long time ago that went “They’re coming to take me away ha ha, they’re coming to take me a way ho ho, to the funny farm where life is beautiful ….” and so forth and so on. It did sound kind of enticing, lol! πŸ™‚

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