Have you Noticed … a Change

The Futures coming

Have you sensed it?

Do you feel it?

Dreaming dreams of things you don’t understand?

The world is changing! Are you Ready?


Everything is speeding up?

Have you noticed?

Off balance, and slightly tilted.

Memories are merging!

A surreal quality to days and nights.

While some of our thoughts are scattered, there is a focus.

Have you noticed that too.

A positional sort of focus.

On each other, on things other than – things!

If this makes no sense – but you understand

then I’m guessing you’re as ready as I am

And as confused.

But what I do know of The Change …

Is two things

 It’s coming and …

It’s good!


A Dream of Tomorrow

I think tomorrow is happening much faster than it used to. Time speeding up, I don’t think so. Technology advancing rapid communication? Certainly. Something else in the mix, I think so, but I’m not sure what it is. My words above were written at random to describe my feelings. Do I sense something in the air (so-to-speak)? Yes, but being a mere mortal I have no clue what it might be.

So I leave it to you the readers to speculate on my words and comment. I’d love comments on this one!

Thanks for the visit,

~ Penny

Penny's Thoughts

39 thoughts on “Have you Noticed … a Change

  1. Okay . I know I am going to get flack on this but as a Christian I have to tell you what all are experiencing are the end times. Jesus is coming and there is no time to waste …get right with Him for your eternal life. You may think your prepared but make sure, it will happen in the blink of an eye as the Bible says. God bless to all

    • Your words of faith coming from pure belief should hopefully never have to take flack Len. All of us are on a journey in life each in our own wonderful way of learning, understanding and believing, I cherish our friendship, much love to you, Penny

    • thanks Penny I am just a bit sore around the edges from being chewed on because I am so forward with my faith…a few think I am inappropiate but I just keep going even though some don’t like it …I just tell them not to follow or read if it bothers them but then I think maybe I should have said something else…ah well. Life is good, happy and 99% of the time peaceful what else can a soul ask for? Love (((xx)))

      • You be you Len, one never has to apologize for being themselves. At least I don’t think so! I figure if someone doesn’t like something about me or someone else they can quietly go away. Yes life is good, and we are blessed indeed with each new day, much love and pure affection to you! Penny xox

  2. If time is speeding up then why is it that it is only the fun part, or the part where you feel mortal. The work part needs to be the quick part so we can savour the best things in life. Bertrand Russell was right, 20 hour working weeks for everyone and be done with it. Then learn to carve wood or something.

  3. I have sensed something, and yes I feel it too. I have been dreaming about things that I do not understand. And I am always ready for change. Am I prepared? No! I try to live in the moment, so what gets tossed in my path will be the change that I encounter. Everything is speeding up as another holiday season is here faster than anticipated…Oh the days of slower times…as a child on the playground…I have noticed that all is slightly off and tilting but this happens on a daily basis…No there is no wine or spirits involved in this occurrence. Memories are always merging into a compendium that is called “My Life.” This makes life surreal. As I wander through my days, I find myself scattered about some things and totally focused on others. I learned long ago that the “things” that one collects through life is something that one cannot take to the other side, so possessions – they do not really matter. I am wealthy not due to material possessions! I am wealthy in the friendships that I have. The love of family and friends cannot possibly be measured in a materialistic way. I am at peace with myself…my life…my loves…my friends…Hugs to you my dear sweet friend, and this is a truly lovely post! – B

  4. I have to say I feel a change also…can’t pinpoint it…but as I’ve tried to explain it to myself it goes something like this ‘it’s like deja-vu… but not the feeling I’ve done it before…more like I’m on the right path’ how’s that for clear as mud? 😉

    • Thank you, just a feeling I have Padmini, don’t quite know how else to put it, Like I said a nice one though … so one can hope! 🙂 – the illustration represents my thoughts in abstract!, thanks!

  5. I do feel things changing for me, it’s been hard lately to tell which things are me and which are everything because I recently moved, and there are so many concrete external things happening to shift the internal things. Sometimes I can figure out the subtle shifts and spot them when they happen with me and others, but right now it is a big hodge podge but I do agree that it feels good and I feel ready! 🙂

  6. According ot many meta-physical postings I have read there are new energies being sent to the planet. our vibrational field is accelerating. Science also can back up that there are sihift occuring in the speed in which the Earth is spinning as well. So, yes many changes coming to the planet but not the doom and gloom interpretation but we are shifting into a higher level of spiritual being in human form. That is why so much turmoil going on globally–it’s like a purging of the old-that does not work or will no longer work. Hence the idea of a new Earth—but we are the new Earth.

  7. I’m probably not a good one to use as a sounding board, as I pulled away from the materialistic world a fortnight of years ago. I cross paths with a lot of like-minded people who have also pulled away, and as one kinesiologist said, ‘we woke up, and that’s why we’re no longer there.’

    i dream of places i’ve never seen; of people i’ve never met. i visit areas in real life and know things about those areas before i reach them.. (Around the bend is a bridge and a stream going from left to right and a house downstream..) i look at those moments as life’s way of telling me that i am on track.

    in quieter areas of our planet, yes, there is an awakening – i see many people with sensitivity to the environment, to the feelings of flora and fauna. of ‘raising’ one’s vibrations through meditating, holistic lifestyle, attention to diet. i think it’s much easier for those of us who are no longer immersed in ultra busy lives where there’s never time to get quiet and tune in to the subtle messages. getting quiet is the key, as is connecting with the earth.

    you, for sure, are in tune with others and the planet. you tapped into that stream of unconsciousness and rolled this one out1

    • Thank you. Since I was a child I’ve felt like I was split into two people. Part of me always has felt a deep abiding love of all things natural. An affinity with nature. And nature would come to me, if that makes sense. Bees land on me, mosquito’s dont bite me kind of stuff.

      I just assumed how I felt was normal while I grew up and began learning life’s (societies) lessons and found myself more and more at odds with what people said and did with what I sensed they were actually feeling. My bond with nature has never changed. My understanding of people has. I feel in some abstract way I “know” every single person out there. Don’t know what that means either, lots of questions unanswered.

      And now I sense this “something”, don’t have a clue what it is but it’s real at least my feelings about this, so I thought I’d throw my thoughts out to see what came back to me.

      I appreciate, more than you can know you sharing your words here. It does make me feel a whole lot better about things! My sincere thanks, Penny

      • you are am empath! one whose intuitive nature is so fine-tuned that you know without knowing what others are feeling. those feelings can jump on you as well, but i’ll bet you’ve learned how to dodge them!

        years ago one of my artist statements opened with the line, ‘two people live inside of me….’

        yes, it’s nice to have partners in being a bit different!

        • Thank you again, each word you write to me helps to shore up what has been a very long and lonely journey, of trying to have answers when there’s no one who seems to have them. Yes, I am an extremely good dodger, to stay sane in a world where you feel everything all the time but have trouble explaining this and yourself to others. Big sigh here my friend of understanding!

  8. Funnily enough I had the weirdest dream last night. I was on a plane heading somewhere, I’m not going to say where as I know were it was and it’s personal. When I arrived, I got off the plane – bearing in mind I have only ever flown in a little Cessna when I was about 10 – and I had trouble reading the writing, until I happened to see it in a reflection and could then read it. The writing was all reversed. But at least I got to see who I went to see which was a bonus, but the alarm immediately went off. The joys of dreams LOL

    Good post though. Even if confusing at first after the “A Dream of tomorrow” until you explained.

    The world may possibly change on 21st December, but not ending – a new beginning. But I may be wrong and that the Mayans just ran out of paper 😉

    • Sorry you woke up from such a pleasant dream Alastair. Re: the Mayans, or any other prophecy from any other time period, it is hard to know what is real or not real. Everyone always seems to have their own interpretations there. I was referring to some feelings I’ve been having for a while now. Have heard from a handful of others experiencing the same so thought I’d just throw it out there sort of generically speaking lol!

      • Yes they. Nostrodamus said so much, and yet, his predictions are only seen in hind sight and interpreted how “they” want to interpret them. I could do that 😉

        I see. 🙂

  9. AnElephantCant deny there is truth here
    Penny’s thoughts are deep and very wide ranging
    Can AnElephant be excused
    For being confused
    When the times they are a-changing

    And the answers to your 7 questions are: Yes, Yes, Yes, No, No, Yes, Yes.
    But trying to turn the No No into Yes Yes.

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