Two Views – as seen through the eyes of children!

boy and girl holding hands

Children holding hands – viewing the world before them!

Children holding hands


Both of these photographs are of a boy and a girl viewing the scene before them.

And while the same words that separate these two photographs are true for both photographs, the reality is worlds apart from what must be going on inside each of their innocent little minds.

Something to think on.

~ Penny


31 thoughts on “Two Views – as seen through the eyes of children!

  1. While each image captures the essence of a child’s view, each carries its own message of wonderment…one of a tranquil scene – a stroll beside the sea, another of possible fear – not knowing what’s to be.

  2. With no words, hopes and dreams captured in the first photo; uncertainty and fear in the second. It is so hard to fathom anyone living in a world where guns and tanks exist just down the road, especially children.

    • The pain I feel in my heart to view a photograph such as that much less understand the reality and all the truths behind it is difficult to understand the “Why of…” dear friend!

  3. Oh gosh Penny ~ heartbreaking to think of the contrast here. And all children deserve to be light and free… to start their little lives feeling safe in their world. Excellent post ~ and sooo much to think about – I agree. Much Love to you dearest friend and teacher… x RL

    • Thanks Robyn, sometimes a contrast can bring home a sad reality quicker. Everyone is so used to quick searches, quick looks, quick entertainment and so on. I thought perhaps this might be short and quick enough to make a point. Much love to you also, hope you are doing well my dearest friend, Penny xox

  4. Very powerful indeed! What breaks my heart further is that for so many children this isn’t a shocking site…it’s common place…and we all need reminding that we all can make a difference…for the children of the planet and their future!

  5. As an adult – I can’t even imagine what the kids in the 2nd photo are thinking.
    If only we could take them out of that picture & put them next to the kids in the 1st photo…

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