Plugged In, turned on, tuned in … blogging vib’s of Life!

plugged inPlugged In

Are you …

Plugged In, turned on and tuned in to the vibrations of life? If you’re not you should be. Some great things going out out there.

Just waiting for you to go on out there and be a part of it all!

Blogging with Word Press makes it easy, Twitter adds to the mix, You tube turns up the volume, Facebook – well – totally up close and personal with that one. Plus a whole wealth of other interactive connections to ramp up the living experience.

The key, partake in small bites. Because one things adds to the next which adds to the next and so on. A ripple affect. So get in the swing of things but be moderate. Come on board slowly, understand the basic how-to’s of connectivity, ask fellow bloggers, or Facebookers, or those who tweet, they’ll gladly help you and then Go for it!


Ripples – Catching the Vibrations of Life!

~And from a fun perspective of vibrationsย this video here’s an unedited video: all the video-er did was put his camera phone inside his guitar and play a little piece he’d been working on. Like him I was stunned to see such pronounced vibration. Such is life! Everything has a vibration. What’s yours?


Thanks for the visit, have some really good …(you know what’s coming next) “Good Vibrations!”

~ Penny
penny l howe

18 thoughts on “Plugged In, turned on, tuned in … blogging vib’s of Life!

  1. Everything is about vibration Penny ~ I so hear you on this… and now with the technology at our fingertips – it’s just amazing to consider!! Wonderful illustration ~ the singing strings! Loved it dearest wonderful friend ! xo Robyn

  2. Oh yeah, the internet. A quiet, vibrant, fun and tricky place. I do spent lots of time on it, reading, chatting and watching interesting stuff. It’s a good place to be on as long as you don’t shut off the outside world. Still…I never got along with FaceBook…it’s more of a Snow Skin in my country so I avoided it…I might give it another go though…Mhm…

    • No wait, I agree with you, I did include it as one of the “big boys” in the social media arena, but I believe right now it’s ‘sort of’ out of control, if you get that, I’m afraid I spend very little time (cautiously) there also right now. And you are right, balancing online with real world time – very important!

  3. A peaceful tune to plug into. And – your blog is a great place to plug into as well. Glad to be in tune with your blog – becasue only God knows how tone deaf I am in reality ๐Ÿ˜‰
    xx ๐Ÿ™‚ ๐Ÿ™‚ xx

  4. That is very cool. Love the vibrations on that guitar strings. I remember taking some drugs that are best left alone, and I saw the vibrations of nature. Watching the life in the trees was fascinating. The way that everything vibrated. Even Glow worms. Yes, I took something I shouldn’t have – and I have paid / am paying the price for it – but what I saw … I will never forget. I saw something so terrifying that night, but I also saw something so beautiful

    • I can’t see the vibrations but with my children’s father, who plays the guitar, I would help him perfect pitch when he was tuning his guitar because I could hear the vibration after the audible tones stopped. No ,I never used “other things” to enhance an experience . Was surprised when people told me what they could see and feel when “high” (for want of a better word). I assumed everyone could feel those things naturally! That took me a few years to adjust to. Now I just accept it as a given. ๐Ÿ™‚

      • Seeing what I did that night was beautiful. Being able to see (nearly) everything I did was marvellous. It was extra-ordinary. It was the last time I got high, and I tell people what I saw that night and hope they learn from my mistakes.

        You being able to see that without the aid of anything shows another of your awesome gifts Penny. You truly are gifted (and I know I used the same word twice in short succession – but it’s true and I couldn’t think of any other word)

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